The future awaits!

“Breathing exercises,”  the secretary repeated. I didn’t respond. “The radiation will target your left breast.” I still didn’t get it. “That’s where your heart is.” Now I felt my chest jump. Was this going to be a danger? I’d googled it and read a little but it hadn’t seemed a

Home stretch!

Today was the day! I slept well, surprisingly, despite another of Archie’s love bites. (I do need to find that cat whisperer’s number.) But then again, I’ve always been able to sleep through almost anything. This time, it was the looming appointment with the radiation oncologist. Somehow, this last stretch

Feelings in the time of Cancer/Corona

I am what I eat. I am what I think. I am that I am. I know these things. Sometimes I choose to ignore them but deep down I acknowledge their truths. When I eat rich food, my tummy rebels. Always has. That third drink and an extra helping of

Silver pixies

My hair is growing back furiously. It’s almost as if it was indignant at being forced out. And yes, it is silver. I never thought I’d say this, but I like it. Perhaps it’s because I’m so relieved it came back after all. It’s formed a sort of wild pixie

Seeds of happiness…

I am looking at the last Xeloda tablet on my dressing table. It’s to be taken with supper. I’m also wondering if the bubbly really needs to wait until tomorrow! What’s life without a few cheats on the way? This week the pathcare nurse, Catherine, came to take my blood

A journey within a journey, within a journey

The lightning strikes next to me and I shudder at a clap of thunder. The water is delicious and I just want a few more minutes. The lifeguard’s hands are waving frantically and he’s trying to call out to me. I dive under the water again and do a handstand.


I picked up my copy of Under the African Sun this morning and ran a finger over the golden plaque in the corner. An Author Academy award for Top 10 finalist. At the time I didn’t pay much attention to it. But now it gives me a little squirm of

In a flash

Not everyone gets a chance to examine their life’s journey. Sometimes it’s snatched away with no warning. The evening braai may never happen. That argument waiting to be resolved, could be suspended forever. A little deception may turn into a nightmare for the lovers left behind. A relationship that should

The shocking pink bikini

Archie’s gentle plop heralded in the new day. He didn’t stay for a cuddle though but made for the kitchen and an early breakfast. I’d forgotten to lay out the fuchsia blanket. Not sure if it’s the colour or the fluffiness, but it is his favourite one and ups my

In the hood…

Phase three of lockdown is already peeping and I’m hoping that somebody will find me a bottle of sulphur free bubbly soon. I am as excited as everyone else. Not that I’m able to go partying. That’ll have to wait a little longer for me. But I’m okay with it.

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