“If you should meet a butterfly, upon a summer’s day…” When I opened the door to Patricia’s classroom, she decided that I wasn’t a part of her world. Being deaf makes that decision an easy one. She simply didn’t make eye contact with me. I was not part of

A taste of Under the African Sun…

“There’s a protest going on in Adderley Street, guys.” Annie was leaning over the balcony, trying for a better view. “Go, Annie. Take a photographer with you, and take Deborah.” Ginger gestured towards the entrance. Deborah seized her jacket and Annie raced her to the lift. In minutes, they were


Your passing was to come  the grief not diminished a huge gaping hole opened up on the Southern tip where you were the soundtrack to our stirrings your music nudged us awake  crept into our dreams reminding us to change the way we were our country was we dared not

AAA award sneaked up on me…

It isn’t there

                                           I look for the place I used to know but it isn’t there ’cause even places live in a bubble in my mind and nothing stays the same as

En Pointe

I never dreamt that it would be the last time              I saw you the last time I’d hear your wicked laugh the                       way your mouth formed a pout when you wanted to be

A night to forget…

I’ve always wanted to visit Belarus. During the last Olympics, I watched in awe as this little country punched way above it’s weight. I looked up it on google maps and wondered if I’d ever get there. Well I did. At least to a tiny part of it anyway. To

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