The sound of rain

Archie is complaining to anyone who’ll listen. It’s raining. That totally ruins his plans for the day. I’ve tried but I just can’t get him to understand that my powers are limited. He’s now investigating the space under my bed and curling up in my newly discovered foot bath. (Marie

Every cat has his day

Everybody deserves to indulge in a bad day. Archie’s started when he spotted me in the garden. I think I’ve mentioned that I’m fair prey when I venture into it. Despite knowing this, my guard was down. As I bent to prune a bush, the hunter leapt into action. Claws

The right side of the bell curve

Archie is delighted that I am working from bed this morning. He’s given my new buttermilk quiche recipe the nod and is now waiting for his sip of milky tea. I am not sick by the way, just cosy under a warm duvet. Besides, I can hardly toss my little

Archie the provider in times of need…

Archie is providing for his family – a mole for me, a mouse for husband and a squirrel for Xena. He is loving lock down and is still keeping up the war for territory around these parts.¬† Nothing much has changed in the little Tomcat’s routine, except that he has

Choices about cancer and corona

Archie is watching the sunset from his deckchair. I try to entice him with a piece of sardine but he’s not moving yet. There is a time and a place…and right now he’s enjoying the last of the rays. I join him. Not on his chair mind. He likes his

Social distancing and Xeloda

The first round of Xeloda tablets are done and dusted. I have a week off, before the next¬† chemo fortnight begins. I didn’t want to take these pills. This journey is stretching out and my patience is waning. But I complied. And apart from a slight headache and some tummy

Bunkering down

Bunkering down seems like the most sensible thing to do right now. And for a social butterfly like me, that’s pretty drastic. Archie is delighted by my decision. His gait has more swagger than before, (if that’s possible) and he’s demanding extra treats and cuddles – on his terms of

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