Truer than true…

February 2022 and my life has done a few 360 turns in two years. Well, I suppose that goes for all us us really. So much has happened, on every level. The world seems crazy and none of us can anticipate tomorrow’s events. For me, Cancer and Covid dove-tailed and

Worry has its place…

This time two years ago, I was recovering from a lumpectomy and then unexpectedly a watermelon of a Seroma. Since then, the whole world has been turned upside down and we are all still struggling to find the right way up. The fourth wave is retreating in our part of

’tis the season…

I am starting to collect gifts to put under the tree. And yes, my new hobby is influencing the choices. As you all know by now, I love Christmas time. Always have. This one will be the third since my dance with the big C. It makes it even more

All that glistens…

The Mall Christmas tree is up! No big deal, I hear you say. Except that this year it is. It’s a different mall and I live just up the road on the edge of the Hemel en Aarde valley. I am one of those strange birds who actually does love

The tenth month

October. The month of a tragic accident that changed the trajectory of my life, the month I resigned from a job I loved dearly and the month that my beloved mother died 21 years ago. It is also the month that truly marks the beginning of summer here and the

Wild flowers and life

So much has changed in a year. For all of us. It feels a little surreal and as I add the last wild flower to my cosmos painting, I giggle in disbelief. Who would have ever thought I’d paint anything? Twelve months ago, I was completing the final radiation session


This time last year, I was approaching the end of a long tunnel and realising that laughter had played a vital role in recovery. I haven’t forgotten that. Suppressing fits of hysterical giggles is just part of who I am. And they often come upon me suddenly, inappropriately, embarrassingly. If


A year ago, I was laughing hysterically about my ‘excellent lungs.’ And this morning I thought of it. There hasn’t been enough laughter lately. Sadly. ‘Cause here’s the thing. Laughter is part of the healing process. And no, I’m not joking. Cancer and Corona are hardly laughing matters. I too

In need of miracles

Early July 2021 and my silver pixie hair has not only grown but has miraculously turned back to its original colour. I’d embraced the grey. Clearly my body had other plans. It’s astounding really and I am amazed by the myriad of miracles it has pulled off, all without my

Tango lessons

Chemo seems surreal these days. And yet the neuropathy lingers on. I can live with it. I am immensely grateful to be here. But here is my question. Can I still learn to Tango if I can’t feel some of my toes? I’d really like to. It’s been on my

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