The path of least resistance…

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m not sure it’s what my family and friends want to hear but I intend to live to 100 years old! I envision an outrageous 100th birthday party where I misbehave and embarrass the children. I want a ‘death by chocolate’ cake, with 100 gold


Change is afoot. Archie has given up his nightly therapy. Even when he returns from theĀ  hunt, my bed is not his destination. The fluffy blanket in the spare room is suddenly much more appealing. I need to be content with his morning head butt, the teeny reassurance of his


Archie’s first miaow in the morning sounds very much like, “hello.” I can see you shaking your head at me, but if you heard him you’d believe me. He uses different calls to communicate his needs. The supper time one becomes high pitched and plaintive, which sends me rushing to


I’m a bit obsessed with energy lately. It’s not something I mulled over before. I’ve always simply had lots of it. But chemotherapy has changed all that. After a Red Devil strike, the main objective is to get my body functioning normally, as quickly as possible. I’ve had a few

Love yourself…

Deepak Chopra’s three daily questions – which I ask myself in the mirror as I brush my teeth – are: Who am I? Why am I here? What do I really want? Sounds pretty simple yes? I’ve followed this morning ritual for many years. Some days I come up with

Cannabis oil and a pampering session

The bottle of Cannabis oil has been on my bedside table for a while. I’d been plucking up the courage to try it. A week of debilitating nausea and the thought of driving to Pinelands the next morning for a pampering session, tipped the scales. I prepared for bed, and

Trust me…

“Look into my eyes and trust in me. You are going to go on a long journey now. When I snap my fingers, you’ll come back into the room. Don’t worry if you cannot remember…” It wasn’t like that. Not at all. I didn’t strip and dance on the table.

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