The shocking pink bikini

Archie’s gentle plop heralded in the new day. He didn’t stay for a cuddle though but made for the kitchen and an early breakfast. I’d forgotten to lay out the fuchsia blanket. Not sure if it’s the colour or the fluffiness, but it is his favourite one and ups my

In the hood…

Phase three of lockdown is already peeping and I’m hoping that somebody will find me a bottle of sulphur free bubbly soon. I am as excited as everyone else. Not that I’m able to go partying. That’ll have to wait a little longer for me. But I’m okay with it.

A ball of golden stars

I’ve picked up the light at the end of the tunnel, where it narrows and then ends at the edge of a deep blue-black ocean. Waves lap up against the edges and I know that if I go through the tiny entrance, I’ll drop into the water below and never

Walking with a hunter

Just made it today! I wanted an excuse. It’s cold outside and the mornings are already darker, aren’t they? It’s the first day of my post Xeloda cycle four holiday and I deserve to snuggle down and enjoy my duvet. But I skipped yesterday. And I’m a bit lazy by

The food of love

I love food. I would go so far as to say, I’ve become a bit of a foodie. And I am an all or nothing person. It’s no good telling me to eat half the delicious meal in front of me. I’m going to savour every last morsel. The cancer/corona

My first language is dance

I still feel my dancer’s body. A deep hypnosis session with Jeffery Rink revealed that. Not straight away mind. Only once I’d allowed myself to listen deeply to the doctor’s soothing voice for long enough to push away my conscious mind. But then I knew. I felt it with every

The uninvited guest

My Xeloda holiday is about to end. No big deal. I’m turning into the curve and the second part of this phase. I choose love over fear, every single morning. And it works. Despite the corona/chemo combo, life is peaceful mostly. But after midnight, uninvited guests arrive. This time, it

A Xeloda holiday

I’m on a week’s holiday! ‘Where could you possibly be going?’ I hear you ask. Nowhere. I’ll be staying at home. But for seven whole days I don’t have to take Xeloda. No itchy feet or lingering headaches. No alarm clocks set so that the timing is just right. No

Love in the time of Corona…

Lockdown is to be eased soon. Okay stage four to be exact. I am pleased and so proud of our President Ramaphosa. His light is shining on us all and his true statemanship is becoming the envy of the world. The 1st of May 2020 will be one very special

The sound of rain

Archie is complaining to anyone who’ll listen. It’s raining. That totally ruins his plans for the day. I’ve tried but I just can’t get him to understand that my powers are limited. He’s now investigating the space under my bed and curling up in my newly discovered foot bath. (Marie

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