Cannabis oil and a pampering session

The bottle of Cannabis oil has been on my bedside table for a while. I’d been plucking up the courage to try it. A week of debilitating nausea and the thought of driving to Pinelands the next morning for a pampering session, tipped the scales. I prepared for bed, and

Trust me…

“Look into my eyes and trust in me. You are going to go on a long journey now. When I snap my fingers, you’ll come back into the room. Don’t worry if you cannot remember…” It wasn’t like that. Not at all. I didn’t strip and dance on the table.


Third strike done and dusted. So far so good, touch wood. My body has taken a bit of a pounding lately. As a result, I’ve become a little obsessed about listening to it. That’s my excuse for creeping downstairs in the wee hours and easing the fridge door open. I

Ileum revolt!

I’ve been a little quiet lately. In fact, I’ve been navel gazing a lot. For the last week, my life has slowed down to a gentle shuffle. Why so? Well, my Ileum revolted and went into paralysis after the last chemo-cocktail. If you look this up, you’ll find that it

A Journey Board

Archie is sitting on my elephant. No really, he is. Remember the one I had a bush connection with some years ago? Those of you who rushed back into the bungalow should! There I was, in the middle of a starry night lit by a roaring camp fire, staring into

Strike two!

My first chemo session went swimmingly. A vein popped up on command. The drips moved rapidly into my bloodstream and I hardly noticed when they were changed. It was a breeze. I was clearly a model patient…or so I thought. And I expected nothing less this time around. I waited


As I’ve said, I’m totally committed to the big guns of medicine.  I need the chemo, the surgery and radiation. No question! My team of doctors, headed up by Dr Anne Gudgeon, are phenomenal. I am deeply grateful to be in such incredible hands. This week, I decided to add

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