Wild flowers and life

So much has changed in a year. For all of us. It feels a little surreal and as I add the last wild flower to my cosmos painting, I giggle in disbelief. Who would have ever thought I’d paint anything? Twelve months ago, I was completing the final radiation session


This time last year, I was approaching the end of a long tunnel and realising that laughter had played a vital role in recovery. I haven’t forgotten that. Suppressing fits of hysterical giggles is just part of who I am. And they often come upon me suddenly, inappropriately, embarrassingly. If


A year ago, I was laughing hysterically about my ‘excellent lungs.’ And this morning I thought of it. There hasn’t been enough laughter lately. Sadly. ‘Cause here’s the thing. Laughter is part of the healing process. And no, I’m not joking. Cancer and Corona are hardly laughing matters. I too

In need of miracles

Early July 2021 and my silver pixie hair has not only grown but has miraculously turned back to its original colour. I’d embraced the grey. Clearly my body had other plans. It’s astounding really and I am amazed by the myriad of miracles it has pulled off, all without my

Tango lessons

Chemo seems surreal these days. And yet the neuropathy lingers on. I can live with it. I am immensely grateful to be here. But here is my question. Can I still learn to Tango if I can’t feel some of my toes? I’d really like to. It’s been on my

Right place right time…

A year ago, I was still having hypnotherapy sessions with the legendary Dr Jeffrey Rink. When I got sick, I knew I needed to see him. I was sure about that and my delightful GP and homeopath pulled every string possible to secure an appointment. The moment I leant back

Trust in me…

There’s nothing quite like scanxiety to make me pause and re-examine my life. My drive to the hospital on Friday was filled with prayers, promises and dreams to manifest. I tried not to focus on the blurry screen. I also (unsuccessfully) attempted to block out the radiographer’s scary murmurings. But

About that bikini…

I’ve had my suspicions confirmed! Archie’s early morning visits coincide with Xena’s walks with her master. Not that I enjoy them any less. It’s just that second choice thing popping up. But I’m over that hang up. If I’m not someone’s first choice then they’re not mine. And it’s different

Some time soon

June is already peeping and the third wave is well and truly here. It’s a race against time as we wait to be vaccinated. I can’t help feeling it’s a bun fight out there, even though it shouldn’t be. So the choice is wait my turn or elbow my way

Manifesting dreams…

In 2020 I was still on the road to recovery. The light seemed far off but I was catching glimpses of it. These days, I remind myself that I did reach it! And for all of you who buoyed me along, I’ll be forever grateful. You cannot possibly imagine what

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