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The Roman poet, Horace
cat therapy

Cat Therapy is an anthology of diary entries written by Gail during her cancer treatment, which coincided with the Coronavirus pandemic. Ultimately, it’s contemplative, honest and uplifting—a gentle, yet firm reminder about how magnificently precious life is.   (Penny Haw  – The Invincible Miss Cust)

under the african sun

Remember that desperate time after university when career choices are made intertwined with mating matters? Love, desire, work, all jostle for time and space in a swirl of emotion and choice, set on South Africa’s 1970s stage with the grim backdrop of apartheid’s security police looming. (Peter Sullivan  – former Editor of The Star.)

Latest Media and Press

Q&A with Lana DeVito, Jewelry designer
Q&A with Andrew Holsen, handmaker
  • The Invincible Docs at Blown Away by Books, Fish Hoek Library

    Melissa Sussens (Slaughterhouse), Dawn Garisch (Breaking Milk) and Penny Haw (The Invincible Miss Cust) in conversation with Gail Gilbride (Cat Therapy) about women, creativity, the environment and science. Melissa is a vet and a poet, and her poetry is strongly influenced by the two roles she plays in her life. As is the writing of…

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  • EB Cavendish launch of THE WEIGHT OF SHADE by Michael Boyd

    Dear Cape Town, You will not want to miss this! We had such a great time launching the book in Johannesburg, and we hope to make the Cape Town launch just as special. Mike will be in conversation with Penny Haw. Can’t wait! See you on the 15th!

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  • Surf’s up at Salon Hecate in June

    Photo by Stephen Symons June is World Ocean Month, and to celebrate the sea and beaches integral to South Peninsula life (and so beautifully represented on the walls of the gallery), Salon Hecate at the Noordhoek Art Point Gallery is presenting something different this coming month: surfer-poets. What better way to celebrate the sea than…

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  • Kingsmead Book Fair 2023

    Another highly successful Kingsmead Book Fair (KBF) is behind us. And we had so much literary fun! Joanne Hichens, Lester Walbrugh and I were on the same flight going up to Johannesburg. We all spoke at the festival – Lester and I about Elton Baatjies, and Joanne and I about Fluid: The Freedom to Be.…

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  • TUNNEL by NICK MULGREW launched in South Africa

    This week, we had the great pleasure of welcoming Nick Mulgrew, currently based in Edinburgh, back in South Africa for the launch of his second novel, Tunnel. Nick visited Liberty Books and The Book Lounge to celebrate his latest offering with readers. Both events were truly special, and I cannot thank Christy Weyer and Alistair…

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  • Karavan Press at FLF 2023

    Two Karavan Press authors are speaking about their work at this year’s edition of the Franschhoek Literary Festival (FLF): Lester Walbrugh and Lethokuhle Msimang. Click on the images below to book your ticket for the individual sessions. You can buy their books in advance of the festival via the FLF website (and Exclusive Books): Two…

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