Spring Skinnymalinks reminder…

  Have extra virgin olive oil and a handful of nuts, daily. Eat an egg a day. Add freshly steamed vegetables for lunch and supper. Limit red meat to twice a week. Fast for 24 hours, once a week. Do five salutes to the sun every morning. Take a daily

Beryl Eichenberger’s review of Under The African Sun

Beryl Eichenberger’s Review of Under the African Sun, by Gail Gilbride   I think that, having read ‘Under The African Sun’ as an adult and living through those apartheid years and the Soweto uprising, the book is perfect for a generation who did not experience that time. The book certainly

ECS learners – Soutpansberg. Reviews of Under The African Sun.

ECS Soutpansberg reviews of Under the African Sun by Gail Gilbride. Phuluso Ndou (grade 12) Having learned about the apartheid era in the classroom, listened to stories and watched movies about the infamous era, the anti-apartheid struggle seemed to me only for black people. Under the African Sun gives an

Gail’s Review of – Delilah Now Trending – by Pamela Power

  Delilah’s life goes off the rails, when her daughter – the star pupil Daisy – isn’t made head girl of her private junior school. Rosie Roberts, Daisy’s nemesis and the class bully, is chosen instead. But when Rosie is pushed off the second-storey balcony at school, Daisy becomes a

A Skinnymalinks week ahead.

This week, I have planned ahead and you are invited to join me, if you like. First and foremost, I’ll switch off that pesky button in my brain, which tends to go into automatic mode when it sees lots of yummy food.  Don’t get me wrong. I love food –

The Man Booker Prize 2017 Longlist

Originally posted on A Little Blog of Books:
The Man Booker Prize 2017 longlist was announced today. The 13 books are: 4321 by Paul Auster Days Without End by Sebastian Barry History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund Exit West by Mohsin Hamid Solar Bones by Mike McCormack Reservoir 13 by…

Skinnymalinks continued…

Today is the day! I climb onto my scale and take a deep breath, before I squint at the numbers. 1.1kg down. Yippee! “That’s not much,” my childish voice pipes up. But I squash it quickly. Not much? That’s two whole chickens, one under each arm. It’s also two bars

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