Being shy is not a disability :)

Heads up all you shy people out there! I have news for you. Being shy is not a disability. I see you shaking your heads at me. “Easy for you to say,” you’re mumbling. Here’s the thing. I was the shyest kid on the block, at primary school, high school

An Authors evening with Consuelo Roland and Gail Gilbride

Source: An Authors evening with Consuelo Roland and Gail Gilbride

The Tygerberg CIU miracle.

Many years ago, when I was teaching at Dominican Grimley School, Sister Paul, the tiny Irish nun who mentored me, asked me to do the impossible. “Please make sure that Tholi gets a cochlear implant!” She flew off to Ireland, secure in the knowledge that I would fulfill her wishes.

March 2018 event

SAFM literature, with Nancy Richards    

Victimhood is so last season!

Eleven days into 2018 and it’s time to have a long hard look at where you’re at! Why? Well, because I’ve got some news for you. Being a victim has gone out of fashion. No, seriously it has. The new word on the block is…Victor! How do you know which

Under The African Sun

This time last year, I was gearing up for the launch of Under The African Sun, at Exclusive Books in Cavendish Square.  My journey began on that magical night and 2017 ended on a wonderful note, along the Garden Route, which seems to grow more beautiful every time I visit

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