From the wings…

  It’s the day before the big launch and butterflies are fluttering at my rib cage. No, it’s not my first launch. Yes, I still get nervous. Don’t get me wrong. I love launches and parties and celebrations of all kinds. I am tickled pink at friends who make a


I spend a lot of time daydreaming. Even when I’m very busy, I still manage to fit it in. As a child it got me into lots of trouble. As a student, I missed lectures and handed in late assignments. When I travelled by train to and from my first

Behind the Blue Door and Gail aka Angie…

November is upon us and it’s time to prepare for the launch of Behind the Blue Door at Exclusive Books, Cavendish Square. I am often called ‘the cryptic kid’ by my dearly beloved school friends. And yes I confess that I usually am that. But lately I’m absorbing the message

Chapter One of Behind the Blue Door – free on Amazon!

A sample of Behind the Blue Door by Meg and Angie Van der Merwe, is available on and, so before your decide to purchase the memoir, you can see whether or not you’d like to read it. If #metoo#secrets, lies, abuse and intrigue interest you, then this story

Behind the Blue Door

Cape Town mourns…

As we mourn the loss of one of UCT’s greatest assets, Professor Bongani Mayosi, my heart aches for our society. When did we stop caring about what we do and say to one another? Have we lost our filters somewhere along the way? And when someone is hurt, do we

Hamba Kahle cuz

On most days, I relish the fact that we live in a global village. I have family and friends all over the world and we keep in contact through emails, skype, social media… and it works extremely well. But when someone you love dies and you live on the other

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