Ileum revolt!

I’ve been a little quiet lately. In fact, I’ve been navel gazing a lot. For the last week, my life has slowed down to a gentle shuffle. Why so? Well, my Ileum revolted and went into paralysis after the last chemo-cocktail. If you look this up, you’ll find that it

A Journey Board

Archie is sitting on my elephant. No really, he is. Remember the one I had a bush connection with some years ago? Those of you who rushed back into the bungalow should! There I was, in the middle of a starry night lit by a roaring camp fire, staring into

Strike two!

My first chemo session went swimmingly. A vein popped up on command. The drips moved rapidly into my bloodstream and I hardly noticed when they were changed. It was a breeze. I was clearly a model patient…or so I thought. And I expected nothing less this time around. I waited


As I’ve said, I’m totally committed to the big guns of medicine.  I need the chemo, the surgery and radiation. No question! My team of doctors, headed up by Dr Anne Gudgeon, are phenomenal. I am deeply grateful to be in such incredible hands. This week, I decided to add


I’m not going to lie to you. In true Leo fashion, I am vain about my hair! Or should that be was… “You are going to lose your hair,” my kind doctor warned. Not just yet. Maybe it wouldn’t fall out. “Don’t cut it,” Dave in the chemo room insisted.

Art therapy

Before this journey began, I was given an unusual birthday present by a friend. I didn’t use it straight away, as the dance with the Big C got in the way. Actually, make that the small C.  Let’s not give it too much centre stage. As I’ve said, I’m totally


I was never a huge fan of drinking water. I knew I should love it but I just didn’t. Well all that’s changed. To my surprise my body now craves water! I suppose having chemo pumped into it brought on this sudden addiction. So I’m embracing it. Would still rather

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