Flying above the fear …

Fear has been on my mind lately. Yes, I have been feeling some. And yes, I choose to fly above it every day. But that doesn’t mean I never feel it. I do. It’s just that once I’ve allowed the emotion to come through, I give it a little time to percolate, I write about it, and then I let it go.

Perhaps that sounds too airy-fairy. Tinkerbell and Wendy-ish, I know. But Just try it a few times. The trick is not to stay there. Don’t feed the fear. By that I mean don’t focus your energy on it. Choose to refocus on something you are grateful for. In my case, there is so, so much.

Two wonderful Cat Therapy book launches, incredibly supportive people around me, many of the lovely writing community, the little tribe I belong to, and old as well as new and fabulous friendships here in the Overberg, as well as in Cape Town and all over the world.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, it’s precisely what I am trying to get across. So often we focus on what’s missing. We notice the people who don’t come to celebrate with us because they cant. Many of them really do actually want to, by the way. It’s easy to mull over the few naysayers in our lives, the few ‘unfollows.’ And that taps into another habit – a deep-seated desire to be approved of and accepted by everyone. Here’s the thing. First and foremost you and I need our own approval. Really. After that, it’s a great idea to focus on everything that does go right and the people who are firmly in your corner.

Treasure the special things people have done and said. Ponder on the gifts of time and effort that so many loved ones have showered you with. Gloss over any snide remarks which do not come from a place of love. If you need to, take a break from your social media and rekindle your life force, with the help of those closest to you. Even Tinkerbell had to be brought back to life by her loved ones! We are all on very different journeys and when our paths do cross joyfully, it’s a miracle to be celebrated.

I do believe that the opposite of fear is love, really. I have felt so much love and support around me, especially in the last few weeks. Thank you from my heart and soul to every single one of you who celebrates life and success with me. And trust me, I’ll be at your side to celebrate your success with you, as that is mine too.

On this Autumny Saturday in March, I offer you my love and support.

P S Archie sends you a distance session of massage and purring.

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