Goodbye, 2022!

Karina Magdalena

Imagine Little Prince’s ‘hat’ upside down. This is how I see 2022 in retrospect. A good beginning, a deep dive into awfulness, a few months of a terrible low, and a gradual return to stability. There were several significant highs, but they had to compete against a lot of darkness.

I want to focus on the highs (not included are the the wonderful things that happened at Karavan Press – the whole year was a highlight because we survived and have a future!).

January: Watched a beautiful wedding on Zoom. Climbed Table Mountain and had dinner at The Hoghouse for my 45th birthday. A fabulous, unforgettable bubbly weekend at Graham Beck followed.

February: A beautiful weekend of literature, wine and delicious food in Elgin, one of my happy places.

March: A magical trip to the Seychelles where I was reunited with my Mom and Krystian and went snorkeling for…

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