Read write review repeat …

Not sure what to give your writer friends for the festive season? How about a review?

Unexpected reviews are like manna from heaven. I’ve just received one from Louisa Treger, the author of Madwoman – which is a MUST read btw. To say I’m over the moon about this gift is the understatement of 2022.

It’s so easy to enjoy a great book, put it on your shelf and simply pick up another. But while the story is still mulling around in your head and you remember all the characters, why not take a few minutes to write a few lines.

I’m not saying review for review. My idea is to pay it forward. Give an unexpected gift to an author you’ve enjoyed. One fine day, you’ll be checking your emails and there your payback will be! Surprises are magical precisely because they are unanticipated.

It is the season of giving and receiving. Thank you all so much for my gifts. Keep a look out for yours, because they’re on their way!

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