Three. A good number!

It’s been three years since my diagnosis. Three amazing years of new adventures, rekindled friendships and exciting new hobbies. And laughter is still there in the mix.

It’s not for nothing, that I’m well known for my ditziness. My friends accept this as part of the package. If they are ever annoyed by it, they keep that from me. The upside of my craziness, is that it entices bursts of hysterical giggles. And who doesn’t need laughter? If you can make me laugh too, we’ll be friends for life.

Art imitates life and/or life imitates art right? That’s been swimming around my brain all morning…

Believe it or not, I am still going to art classes, much to my own surprise. I painted lemons at first. Then a flower phase took over. This was followed by weeks of horses. After that, seascapes and gigantic waves had their turn. I’m into mushrooms at the moment, so watch this space. If you really don’t want a forest of magic mushrooms for your birthday, now is a good time to drop a broad hint.

It still amazes me that I can create my very own paintings. I now have a bigger problem…where to house them all. My collection is still called ‘Imperfections,’ even though I have become a bit pedantic about perfecting my pieces. That isn’t actually possible by the way. It’s more important to know when to stop!

This wave of creativity has reminded me of another huge passion. Writing. I am still, but have stored some manuscripts under my bed for now. Okay, for some time then. Well until this week actually. I’ve crawled into the dusty corners, dug out my manuscripts, given them a spit and polish, and waded back into the querying trenches. My foray into the world of art, reminded me that there is no such word as can’t. As my wonderful art teacher reminds me every week, ‘Every mistake can be fixed, so just go for it.’ She also says some other things…which I won’t repeat here.

So I have decided to apply this spectacular motto to the rest of my life.

How about you?


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