Add a chuckle…

When last did you laugh until your tummy hurt? That’s a serious question.

There is so much going on in the world. Most of it is certainly nothing to chuckle about it. But here’s the thing…laughter really is healing.

I know that I’ve touched on this issue before. So this post is just a little reminder to us all. Laughing really does tweak all the muscles in your core. Wouldn’t it be more fun if we could just guffaw for an hour instead of working out in the gym? I know I would prefer it.

Imagine if we could cackle ourselves to health? Instead of gulping down a fistful of tablets, we could sit in a circle, tell each other funny stories and roar uncontrollably.

Pockets of humour pop up in my life every now and again. My monthly writing tribe is one place. Usually, it is because one of us has spotted a glaring error in a submission and there is no other way to handle it. (Okay, I admit it’s often in mine.) Bookclub meet ups are another opportunity for outbursts of hilarity. And no, it’s not because we drink wine and forget about the books.

I love laughing. It’s a way of connecting with who I really am. When I’m taking myself too seriously, it’s usually because I haven’t had enough hilarity.

On a recent roadtrip up North, I invited a complete stranger to join us for dinner. It was on a wild child whim and could have been a total disaster. It wasn’t. We all ended up laughing so much, that I crept into bed way beyond the witching hour. Silly and a little bit childish, for sure…but exactly what I needed.

I challenge you to laugh today. Find a reason. Share it with me too.

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