Bucket lists and other things…

So it is already the winter of 2022 and my bucket list is still on my desk. I have ticked off a few to do’s mind. I added one or two left field ones too. Art tops that category. Starting a book club in the Hermanus/Onrus area is another. Swimming in the sea is happening… in summer. Not bad going right? But some important items have quietly crept further down the list, while I was busy doing other things. That Procrastination problem is still a thing.

Learning the Tango and swimming with the dolphins are still there. Yes, I have excuses for why I haven’t tackled them. But if I’m honest, they are not good enough. So I think I need some deadlines. And perhaps you can hold me to them…gently?

In other news, my new integrative doctor in this hood is proving to be a power house. And yes, she is still the ONE in the countryside. I continue to pump veggies, herbs and loads of vitamins. These days, I grow many of them in my garden. Oh and I even ply my obliging friends with green smoothies. Hmmm, come to think of it, some of them have been a bit scarce lately.

My six month check up is just around the corner. Yes, I still have twinges of fear, especially as the date comes nearer. Mostly, I just live my life. I still have no absolute guarantees. But then whose life comes with one anyway?

Creativity is increasingly present in my daily life. These days I freely admit that it is vital for my well being and I embrace all aspects of it. Painting a sunrise is a sure way of living in the now. Drop your concentration for a single second and the yellow paint creeps into the black.

The solstice has come around again and lighter mornings make the cold easier to live with. Arum lilies are coming to life and the grass is greening by the minute. This winter there are Nasturtiums popping up too. I saw to that. The birds seem to have accepted our presence and even accommodate Archie’s prowling. The bath is in daily use and there is nothing more delightful than a sugar bird immersing himself.

Fires are lit nightly now and Xena and Archie still vie for the closest spot. Tonight there is a snowy bite to the air and I am tempted to retrieve last year’s knitting basket.

Once again, the basket of produce is brimming over and I’m turning chillies into jams and sauces. If your birthday is coming up soon, there are no prizes for guessing your present.

Before I retire to the fire, I want to throw down a challenge. Dig out your bucket list and do an honest check. Then lets compare notes and make some deadlines. Yes?

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