Autumn once more…

It’s been a full year since the sudden move to Hemel en Aarde in the Overberg. It feels like yesterday and yet so much has happened in every way.

Archie is the lion King in these parts now. That’s not to say there are no more cat fights. He does have to secure his position and newcomers need to be told. I was hoping his hunting days were now behind him but sadly, that’s not quite true. His cuddling sessions have become more regular however.

Autumn colours are changing the garden once again and the gentle sunshine is so appreciated. The plants that were blooming to welcome us last year, have reappeared now and I am getting to know my garden more and more with each passing season. When the rains come, I’ll be frequenting the local nurseries for inspiration.

Gratitude for my life is still up there on my list of priorities and my morning ritual of saying thank you is still firmly in place. The little oven we installed last year, is soon to begin its work again. Three guesses where you’ll find me in the colder months. And yes I do plan to knit again this winter.

Life is slow but not quite as much as I imagined a year ago. My herb garden is coming on. I did have a dip when some stink bugs decimated the tomato bushes…but we live and learn. Any suggestions welcome. I’m looking for persuasive options, rather than full on poisonous ones.

My galloping horses are now on my wall (thanks Liz) as well as some of my own paintings. I’ll admit that I’ve become a little obsessed with stallions. Some would say more than but don’t believe them. Art in many forms has become a vital part of my country life. Me – who could barely draw a stick figure. Who would have believed?

And naturally, swimming in the sea is essential to my well being. I’m making up for the year I was unable to dive in because of a port. These days, Davies pool in Onrus is a good place to find me. In Winter? I hear you whisper. I’m going to give it a go…

As the Corona Virus lingers on, we have all become a lot more complacent. Rules are relaxed and lives carry on around it. My focus has shifted to the war in the Ukraine and the brutality that accompanies all conflicts worldwide. Yes, I continue to watch the news on a daily basis. To look away is tantamount to denial and I cannot pretend to be neutral. Not now. Not ever…

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