This time a year ago, I was spending the last few days in Hout Bay. Most of the packing was done and the move to Hermanus was really, really happening. I was stressing about the pets. To be honest, I was worried about moving my little hunter, Archie, away from his territory. I couldn’t contemplate losing him. My plan had to be absolutely 100% foolproof…

And it was, cat whisperer and all. Ten days of confinement, many silent sessions with my boy and finally freedom. When I opened the door to the garden, Archie ran around and dug tiny holes all over the grass. I watched in fascination as the petite ginger cat marked his territory and accepted our new home as his stamping ground. What joy! Little did I know that this would lead to a new problem involving territory…but that’s a story for another blog.

Almost a full circle around the sun and the flowers that were blooming when we arrived, have appeared miraculously. The cooler weather is kinder to the grass and it is turning a deeper green day by day. My hair is due for its third cut already and I can hardly remember it’s amazing return to my head.

I have tweaked my motto to, ‘I am slim, fit and sexy.’ (If I believe it, it will come true.) I have found a new favourite spot to dive into the sea and Milk in Onrus has taken the place of old Hout Bay regular haunts. Do I still miss Hout Bay? Of course. But good friends are not limited by location and there is an open invitation to Hemel en Aarde. And our old home? Well, after driving past it three times, I have decided that it now truly belongs to a lovely, young family and that’s as it should be.

Health is always vitally important to me. Mine and yours. And masking up is a habit I’m not about to give up any time soon. Zoom is still a thing but meeting up more often is incredibly precious. May we never take it for granted.

This time last year, there were many tragedies happening all over the world, as always. But there wasn’t a full on war between Russia and the Ukraine and the looming danger that hangs over all of us. My heart breaks as I watch the nightly news. I don’t switch if off, as I need to know. History repeats itself because we choose to forget.

Watch the night sky with me tonight and know that as you search for a peace signal, I’ll be doing the same.

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