Truer than true…

February 2022 and my life has done a few 360 turns in two years. Well, I suppose that goes for all us us really. So much has happened, on every level. The world seems crazy and none of us can anticipate tomorrow’s events. For me, Cancer and Covid dove-tailed and while I’m through one tunnel, the other is still a bit dark. We’ve had so many unexpected journeys in the last 24 months. But despite it all, there have been moments of great joy and true love.

Yes, some relationships have faded and even disappeared. But others have been renewed. Deepened. True connections have held fast through all the turmoil we’ve experienced. To me, it feels as if the chaos in the world has been balanced by strong ties in our own circles. We need each other’s truth. There is no more time and energy for falsehood. These trying times have brought essentials into crystal clear focus.

And talking of crystal clear, I shall remember forever what ‘Code Silver’ stands for in a hospital. I’ll also remember how bravely and calmly the medical staff handled it all, dealing with incredible emergencies and at the same time, keeping us safe and superbly looked after. We were all fighting our own wars, as well as the Covid one together. And yes, we are still battling that.

These days, my visits to Vincent Pallotti hospital feel like dates with dear old friends. I am treated like that too, by all the still familiar faces I see there. The tension and panic have dissipated now and a reassuring calm has descended once again. There is no end to the gratitude I feel. I don’t think all the staff are earth angels…I know for a fact they are.

I also know that my role in my own health is a vital one. Clean eating and regular exercise are not a luxury. They are also not a guarantee. (Life doesn’t come with any.) I am no longer fanatical of course and cheats have crept in slowly but surely. I do know though, that staying in the driver’s seat and taking full responsibility for my life, is the very least I can do to show my appreciation.

Archie is still with me and the connection is deeper than ever. He no longer nurses me but does check in, in between hunting and cat fights. I count him as one of my essential relationships, right up there with all of you and if you are reading this with true love in your heart, then we belong to the same tribe my friend!


2 responses to “Truer than true…”

  1. Dearest Gail. Sending you special love, from another Tribe member. Always so enjoy your writings. Take care dear friend and I pray that we will continue on our post Cancer roads for many more years ahead. Lots of love and Distanced HUGS. Liz🤗💐💕


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