’tis the season…

I am starting to collect gifts to put under the tree. And yes, my new hobby is influencing the choices.

As you all know by now, I love Christmas time. Always have. This one will be the third since my dance with the big C. It makes it even more special and I’ve chosen to mark my journey through the season of goodwill.

Some things have happened to me this year. Many of them you already know about but a few you don’t yet. I did find a cat whisperer for Archie. So these days you’ll find me walking around my garden with a little cat cuddled in my arms. I explain to him what I’m doing as we inspect the plants. Yes, I acknowledge that it is his territory and he has my utmost respect for that. He purrs as I talk. (He really does. I’m not making this up…) I haven’t tried digging yet. That seems a little premature. I understand that you think I’m a crazy cat lady. My neighbours have been avoiding me too. So, mea culpa. But it definitely trumps being bitten on the ankle!

In between teaching, growing herbs and doing my ten lengths, (they will become twenty again. That’s a promise,) I dabble a bit with painting. The latest canvas on my stand is one of a big wave. I really want to paint the perfect one. Any tips will be gratefully accepted. These things always look easier than they actually are. While I’m trying to perfect brush strokes, I mull over things. And what’s busy percolating at the moment is the balance of life. For every nasty troll on social media, there is a kind, compassionate soul too. The uber critic is matched by a constructive, helpful one, if not immediately then certainly in the wings. Light always dissipates dark. It just does. It behoves us to focus on the lightness of being.

Of course life is not only about the positive. Negativity is part of the journey too. I don’t deny that. Trust me, I have my fair share of it. But what I’m suggesting is that we have more power over outcomes than we realise. There are choices where we may think none exist. So my season’s mantra is this: Focus on what I do want, rather than on what I don’t. And the spin off is that light attracts light.

In amongst the lights on the tree and in my good fairy mode, I offer you this…Let the dark speak to the hand this Christmas!

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