All that glistens…

The Mall Christmas tree is up!

No big deal, I hear you say. Except that this year it is. It’s a different mall and I live just up the road on the edge of the Hemel en Aarde valley.

I am one of those strange birds who actually does love Christmas time! As the shops fill up with all those special treats, an urge to pile up my trolley takes control. Well almost. But I do sneak the odd one or two into my weekly groceries. After all it will be at least twelve months until I see them again. I have to admit I love the lights, the gold and silver balls, the flying cherubs and the tinsel. It’s the one time of the year I can admit to liking all that glistens. Its also the season I grow pensive and sometimes even melancholy. Memories of Christmases past, begin appearing in my dreams. Special ones fade into ones that were not overly jolly. But then the little Catholic church in Simon’s Town takes shape in my mind’s eye and sweeps away the sadder times.

The festive season coming up feels very different for a zillion reasons…

This time last year, I lived in Hout Bay and had not even considered moving. Ever. I had no idea that my life was about to be turned upside down.

I didn’t know that my beloved father-in-law would soon pass away. It shouldn’t have been so unexpected, but it was. Death always appears at the wrong time. And yes, there simply isn’t a right moment to lose someone you love, even someone who has lived a long and illustrious life.

Things seemed to snowball after that. Actually it was more like a chaotic snowstorm that whipped itself into a frenzy. And in the eye of the storm, I found myself relocating to the beautiful Overberg, growing my own vegetables and discovering a passion for painting. My love of gardening is something I shared with my father-in-law. I often think of him when I am in the new garden, cutting back rose bushes. Funnily enough, it seems to have spilled over into my art. I paint flowers mostly and lately I am inspired to paint roses.

So don’t be too surprised if I ask you what your favourite colours are and the little pile of presents under my tree seems to be… different. .

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