Wild flowers and life

So much has changed in a year. For all of us. It feels a little surreal and as I add the last wild flower to my cosmos painting, I giggle in disbelief. Who would have ever thought I’d paint anything? Twelve months ago, I was completing the final radiation session and living in Hout Bay. I’d presumed it would be my forever home. I wondered if I’d ever dance again. Would anyone ask me to teach? That seemed like a phase of my life that was well and truly over. I wouldn’t put my name out there. The ‘young ones’ could step in now. There were so many things I could still do and they were enough. Writing would always be a part of my life. That was a given. Walking on the beach had become a daily routine and meeting up with a friend at the same time was an added bonus. Despite the neuropathy in my toes, I could carry on with my life pretty much the way it was…

And then it all changed! It’s September 2021 and I live in the Hemel en Aarde valley. I teach on Zoom and am fully booked. I’ve landed up in an art class once a week and have just added the final flower to my cosmos painting. And it’s my fourth creation. Yes I am a total beginner and I am tickled pink by what’s happened on the canvas. Okay, so I am not a budding Picasso. That doesn’t make me less excited though. My list of things to do is still there. With the unexpected additions, it has got a bit longer. Time is not an issue. You remember about the chocolate cake idea, I’m sure.

I live my life facing forward. There are places to go, people to see and too few hours in each day. That doesnt mean I have forgotten my long journey with the big C. I’ll never forget all the Earth Angels in Vincent Pallotti’s Oncology and Radiation units. The world class medical team who took care of me for every step of the way, are the reason I’m still on the planet. Despite our many problems, this beloved country, South Africa, has pockets of excellence second to none. So many of our visitors are surprised by this. I am not in the least.

I am often asked if I would have chosen this journey with cancer. No. I may be ditzy but I’m not totally bonkers. I will remember the lessons I learnt though and there are too many to mention.

At the risk of repeating myself, I’ll leave you with this one… Live. Live very single moment of your precious life.

3 responses to “Wild flowers and life”

  1. Am tearing AuntyG as am reading. Yaaa live very single…..

    Thank you for been part of my journey. C journey has thought as so much.


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