A year ago, I was laughing hysterically about my ‘excellent lungs.’ And this morning I thought of it. There hasn’t been enough laughter lately. Sadly. ‘Cause here’s the thing. Laughter is part of the healing process. And no, I’m not joking.

Cancer and Corona are hardly laughing matters. I too have become much more serious about life. But even lying half naked on a sci-fi scanning machine, is pretty funny really. Well, if you’re me it is.

We’re living in serious, anxious times. There is no getting away from that. A sense of humour doesn’t feel appropriate right now. And its true. There is not much to laugh about. But when there is even a little something humorous, I am teasing my funny bone back to life. Laughing tweaks all the muscles in your core. That in itself is funny. Instead of doing those dreaded crunchie manoeuvres every morning, you’d be better off laughing your head off.

People claim to have cured themselves of all sorts of diseases, through laughing. I’ve tried laughing yoga and am looking for such a practice here in the Overberg. But until I find it, I’m relying on old Jack Nicholson movies to keep my core muscles moving. When I stop laughing at The Bucket List, I’ll know that my psyche is in serious trouble.

Being able to laugh at ourselves is an art we should not give up easily. In our world of quick criticism and harsh judgement, it is a matter of survival. On a recent international Cancer forum, I called a Seroma a Seloma. I knew the correct word of course, but my nerves got the better of me. If I don’t laugh about that I’m going to cry and never stop!

I need to laugh. It’s part of who I am. In fact, the quickest way to make me fall in love with you, is to make me guffaw until my stomach aches.

Let’s not forget what the tinkle of laughter can do for all of us. It’s far more powerful than it’s ever given credit for.

My invitation to you is to laugh out loud today, even if it’s just at my ridiculous suggestion.

May you laugh until your stomach hurts. I’m planning to dig out those movies I suggested…

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