In need of miracles

Early July 2021 and my silver pixie hair has not only grown but has miraculously turned back to its original colour. I’d embraced the grey. Clearly my body had other plans. It’s astounding really and I am amazed by the myriad of miracles it has pulled off, all without my interference.

The chemo induced itchy feet are truly a thing of the past. Some of the neuropathy has subsided. Okay not all but I’m grateful and hoping that daily walks along the beach and a little acupuncture will jump start the rest.

It’s probably a good thing we don’t know what lies ahead. Who could have predicted that Covid would still be with us and that we’d lose so many more loved ones to this virus, despite the vaccine rollouts? I still try to live my life fearlessly. But these days I have to work a lot harder to keep it at bay. I remind myself constantly, that it is a useless emotion. It can only do more harm.

Lockdown has reignited my love of the garden. As I’ve said before, there are so many visiting birds here in my country paradise and I have yet to learn more about them. The grey Loeries (new name someone?) are my favourites and I had no idea that they were the chilli thieves, until I saw them pick some and fly off into a tree to nibble. Archie does eye them but he too, has become chilled by all the fresh air here.

And as I walk around, I notice roses to prune and arums to replant. The gooseberry bush is laden with fruit and granadillas are turning from green to purple. Soaking rains have encouraged the snowdrops too. New life is everywhere around me.

The first whale has already been spotted in the bay and I’m hoping that the third wave will have passed before birthing season. It would be a good time to re-emerge and even hug one another once more…

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