About that bikini…

I’ve had my suspicions confirmed! Archie’s early morning visits coincide with Xena’s walks with her master. Not that I enjoy them any less. It’s just that second choice thing popping up. But I’m over that hang up. If I’m not someone’s first choice then they’re not mine. And it’s different with Archie…

The Corona Virus still hovers and it isn’t time to drop our masks. It really is not. Vaccination fever befuddles our brains a little, but we still need to take care of ourselves and everyone else. I have decided to wait my turn in the queue and let things happen as they should. This time last year, I was making my weekly visits to Vincent Pallotti. Despite the dangerous times, the Oncology and Radiation units were up and running in their usual efficient way. Silver alert sirens sounded every few minutes and the staff remained unflappable and available for their patients. It is a picture I shall hold in my mind’s eye for the rest of my life.

And at the end of this week, I’ll be visiting VP once again, for my check up. Yes, I’m nervous. Scanxiety is a thing. But I am also incredibly grateful. Much as I live in the present and future, it is a good idea to look back every now and again, just to remind myself of the journey completed. At least one of the journeys that is. It’s also a reminder not to get stuck in the past. I am on a new path now. So eyes forward to invite the future in.

Life doesn’t come with guarantees. I still suspect my death might come as a result of an overdose of chocolate cake after my 100th Birthday party. There’ll be no need to resuscitate me either. I’ll be ready to go home by then.

Every morning I still make a choice. Love over fear, joy over resentment, hope over despair. Does it work? Often. Not always. But often enough to continue. I rely on miracles in my life. Finding myself living in the countryside, picking chillies to turn into jams, was an unexpected path to go down. Is it a miracle? Of course. You’d better believe it!

I cannot always choose what happens in my life. I can decide how to react though. And that’s the key. It is actually that simple.

I invite you to release your past. Drop it in the ocean or amongst the trees along your walk. In fact, anywhere will do. There’s right now and the possibility of a new future. Adventures ahead.

I do remember that this time last year, I made a promise about a pink bikini. I didn’t specify which summer, but in a few months we’ll be there again…

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