Some time soon

June is already peeping and the third wave is well and truly here. It’s a race against time as we wait to be vaccinated. I can’t help feeling it’s a bun fight out there, even though it shouldn’t be. So the choice is wait my turn or elbow my way in too. I’m leaning towards waiting my turn at the moment…

These days sulphur free bubbly is readily available and I’d almost forgotten that in 2020 it was a rare luxury. My body has pretty much sorted itself out now. I am amazed and truly grateful. It’s something I will never take for granted again. My muscles have slowly returned to life and tasks which seemed impossible a few months ago, are now simply part of my daily routine. (And yes, these include popping champagne bottles.) I am even in dire need of a haircut. Who would have thought that could ever happen, a year ago?

Despite these miraculous milestones, scanxiety creeps in as the check up date draws closer and closer. I admit to this. I’m not superwoman. But I still refuse to live in fear. Life is precious and there is so much to look forward to. I cannot afford to give this emotion too much fuel. It’s that simple. As we speak, I’m shutting the door on it!

I haven’t met many of my neighbours in this little patch of paradise yet, but the few dog walkers amongst us wave and share titbits about our furry children. No one has commented on Archie’s midnight strolls. I’m guessing that territorial felines are just part of the lifestyle in the countryside. The black tomcat seems to have accepted defeat, for now…

Our garden is home to many bird species. I need to find the Roberts in amongst the yet to be unpacked boxes. Sugar birds and white eyes descend on the olive trees and the grey Loeries (I know they are called something else now…) wing their way across the lawn in the afternoons. There are others too, but I won’t risk naming them until I’ve found that book, lest I have my birder friends ruffled.

This time last year, Katherine the Pathcare nurse was making weekly visits to take blood. It seems like another lifetime ago. I haven’t forgotten her though. She was a breast cancer thriver herself and a beacon of hope for anyone on the journey. I hope she knows how many people were inspired by her presence in their lives. Her positive energy and glossy head of hair reminded me to keep reaching for the light. And yes it was totally worth it. It always will be.

Archie is purring around my ankles and wants to be picked up. Much as I love his bursts of affection, I am also a little wary, as they sometimes precede a love bite. I still haven’t worked out the exact signal for that, but I will one day. Xena is hoping for a walk and my guilt will outweigh my laziness. She counts on that.

This June brings its own challenges. We’ve come a long way though and it’s easy to forget this as we tackle the new provocations. I do believe the world is turning a corner so put that bubbly on ice for some time soon!

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