And the rains came…

Last night’s rain lingers on the confetti bushes and I’m hoping for more this morning. I shared my egg on toast with Archie and Xena, exactly one corner each, or war would break out. Egyptian geese are shouting from our rooftop and I am hoping that their chicks are in a safe place. Archie is still a hunter…

This time last year, we were entering lockdown and I was beginning round two of Xeloda. Today I am reminding myself that right now is all I’ve got. Nothing else is guaranteed. And that is not a bad thing. It’s a reminder to make the most of whatever is happening in the moment.

This time last year, I changed my motto to, ‘ I am surviving cancer and corona.’  Today I can modify it to, ‘I am cancer free and surviving corona.’ Read that again. It’s a small but significant tweak. These days, I can have my hair, (yes I now have hair) cut by Ali at The Hairdresser and my legs waxed, (yes to that hair too,) at Helen’s Skin Clinic. Once again, I’m a regular at our local eateries and it feels good to be served rather than be ordering a takeaway. It’s amazing how quickly we forget and old habits kick in as if they’d never left. My decluttering phase has continued and in fact has progressed to down scaling completely! What I no longer need, is being passed on to anyone who does. As it happens, the house I live in is also on this list 🙂

These days I do choose to look after myself first and then others. Cancer forced my arm on this one. It’s a matter of survival, rather than selfishness. At least that’s what I am telling myself…

I am still not obsessive about the Corona Virus news but I am always vigilant about protection. I am no longer in the critically vulnerable group but my choices affect all of you. I am cognisant of that. On the rare occasions that I can meet up with family and friends off zoom, I am aware more than ever, of the privilege . I hope time and our future normal don’t fade that feeling.

Watch the night sky with me tonight and know that as you look for that special star in the heavens, I’ll be doing the same.

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