today is enough

Yes, I still remember my 2020 Xeloda phase. But I don’t dwell on it. Today has become enough.

And the months have sped by, despite the lockdown slowdown. The sun is out again, after glorious rain and my little patch of grass is springing up in gratitude. Late agapanthus blooms are appearing and I’m even hoping my rebellious lemon tree will produce at least one fruit this season. I’m not counting on it though. Ah well, perhaps the new owners will have more luck.

This too shall pass, is an earwig this morning and one I want to offer to you, especially if you are going through trauma of any kind. It’s so hard to keep your eye on the light but it is there at the end of the tunnel and in time, it’ll come into focus, despite the pitch dark patches and the narrow places you’re forced to crawl through.

What one resists, persists, is also repeating itself in my consciousness. I remind myself daily, that mulling over things incessantly is counterproductive. It’s definitely one of my cancer takeaways. Why waste time worrying? Once again, our late summer/early autumn is exquisite. I am no longer fragile. Walks on the beach or around the valley, confirm my increased strength. In fact, I cannot blame any tardiness on treatment!

The Corona Virus is still with us and will be for a long time. But slowly but surely, we are creating a new normal. Working from home is a surprisingly easy part of this. I no longer dress up for work. I do brush my hair and put on my lipstick though. I even have a twinge of guilt about my slippers.

Clearly, our furry families are delighted by the new status quo. In fact their reaction is motivating me to tackle that animal communication course I’ve always had my eye on. I know what you’re thinking. I’ve always been a cat lady, so what’s new… mea culpa.

I am thrilled to see stories of unsung heroes emerging as we rise from the ashes. There will be more. There need to be. The worst of times bring out the worst but also the best in all of us. In amongst our grief, panic and fear, there is also listening and love. And compassion. Our inter-connectedness is no longer possible to ignore. The time for a global recognition of Ubuntu has come. It’s a concept to embrace and be truly proud of. I believe it’s what draws visitors to come back to our African continent, again and again…

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