It’s today!

I’m in a Winnie the Pooh kind of mood and yes, today is my favourite day.

It started with a visit from Archie and a quick cuddle. Radiation and a doctor’s appointment came next. I’m into the second week of mission mop up and I’m sprinkling Maizena all over the place. Those of you in the cancer journey club will know what I mean! I’m in fast forward mode and planning lots of exciting trips for the future. But I am also aware that what I’ve got is now. 

Today is the day to really live. And I want to do that. I thought about it on my long drive to Vincent Pallotti this morning. So with 15 minutes to spare before my whirl on the sci-fi machine, I sat in my yellow Noddy car and taught myself the Jerusalema dance, (music by our very own Master KG.) The steps are easy enough, if you remember to count them in fours. The rhythm fills me with delight and I can tap out the moves in my head. It makes me feel alive. I can teach it to you too, if you’d like…in the not too distant future.

The rain is another reason to feel happy today. Cape Town is having a real winter again and the land is soaking up the water, to present us with a lush green spring. Dams are filling up and hopefully the drought will soon be a distant memory. Jasmine is in full bloom and late winter bulbs are brightening up the garden. Yellow is the dominant colour and it lifts my spirits immeasurably.

There are also a zillion things to be sad about and I haven’t forgotten that. Children are being kidnapped as I write this. Last night I dreamt about finding one… and I so wish that I could find them all. Yes, we’ve reached level two of lockdown but no the corona virus has not disappeared. The world is topsy turvy and I wonder what it will take to set it right.

And yesterday I had a pile of things to be irritated by too. I could bore you with a list…but I’ve decided not to notice them today. It’s more important for me to reach for and hold onto the special moments even if they are only snatches of happiness.

Archie has re-appeared. He’s staring at the fireplace, hoping for it to spring to life and warm him. Actually, he’s shaming me into action and I cannot disappoint him. It’s pay back time and boy do I have to cough up.

…and now I am reaching out to you on this blustery afternoon. I want to remind you to be happy, even just for a little while. It’s an inside job, happiness, so only you can switch the switch. I wish you all the joy you can muster right now!




4 Replies to “It’s today!”

  1. Being happy – even if just for a little while – is so important. Our bodies will remember those moments and crave more of them.

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  2. MTN says:

    Am glad to be part of you AuntyGail. Am giggling with the butterflies inside my tummy.

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