I picked up my copy of Under the African Sun this morning and ran a finger over the golden plaque in the corner. An Author Academy award for Top 10 finalist. At the time I didn’t pay much attention to it. But now it gives me a little squirm of delight. No, it probably wasn’t such a big deal. But I am allowing it to mean something. And yes, it does fill me with bubbles. It gives my cover a bit of bling. I’m really pleased to have it in the corner, shining down on the big yellow sun. It also reminds me that at the time, I was so busy wanting other things to happen, that I forgot to focus on what was coming into my life. That’s a habit I am deleting. Why on earth would I yearn for the things just out of reach, instead of being grateful for blessings plopping right into my lap?

AAA has another meaning too – ask, answer, allow. Now you think I’m talking gobbledy gook again. Well perhaps I am. But think about it. We yearn for something, spend endless hours wishing for it, put it out there…and then even if we do listen for the answer, we often sabotage it by not allowing it to happen! How many times have you glanced longingly at that competition and then ‘forgotten’ to enter, until after the cut off? I know I have. Damn! I should have entered that, I tell my friends. If they do roll their eyes they look the other way to spare me. Of course. It makes perfect sense. If I don’t enter, then I can’t be disappointed when I’m not chosen, right? Its self sabotage. My mother’s words ring in my ears …”Procrastination is the thief of time.”

Archie’s taken to climbing onto my lap when I’m enjoying the winter sun. I’m surprised by this new behaviour but don’t jinx it by stroking him too much. He didn’t think about it and then decide. For some or other reason, today feels like a good time to cuddle up. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? There’s no past baggage to consider and no guarantee that this habit will continue.

The days are slipping into one another and like you, I’ve developed my own rhythm of moving through lockdown. The rising numbers are alarming and my heart jumps into my throat when I hear of a friend testing positive. There is still no end in sight for this particular journey but slivers of hope shine through the cracks and the promise of even a partial solution is enough to lift my spirits. This light affects my other journey too. A hospital visit is on the cards for a few weeks time. Somehow, it feels a little less threatening.

Archie is also feeling the shift. He is more relaxed and making full use of the glorious weather, to inspect his territory. The nightly fire lures him back earlier these days and it may be one of the reasons I provide one. He’s even tempted to curl up next to Xena but much as she loves him, that’s overstepping her boundary. He is a cat after all.

Snow White and the seven dwarves popped into my dream last night. I can’t imagine why…but can you remember the names of the seven little men? I’m beginning to think they all live inside my mind and its up to me to choose which one to listen to. This morning Grumpy jumped up and down for my attention. But Archie’s loud kneading session soon got rid of him and I kept my focus on the purring in the now. What a shame it would be to ignore his precious gift.



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