Choices about cancer and corona

Archie is watching the sunset from his deckchair. I try to entice him with a piece of sardine but he’s not moving yet. There is a time and a place…and right now he’s enjoying the last of the rays. I join him. Not on his chair mind. He likes his own space and when he’s ready for a cuddle, he’ll let me know. And he’s so right. It’s beautiful and the last of the heat lingers on the bricks. Once the sun has dipped behind the mountain, preparations for supper can begin and then he’ll take his place on his counter. There are sugar birds hovering in the closest tree. I worry about their safety, as Archie is a ruthless hunter when he’s in the mood. This evening, he’s not.

The silent hunter’s choices are finely tuned to the rhythms of nature. And I’m taking my cue from him. For sometime, my choice has been to live in the moment. Cancer has a way of nudging one in that direction. Today my choice is to begin the second round of Xeloda. It’s also my choice to make the most of our lockdown. On my list is to write a little, edit part of a manuscript, up my rebounder routine (by a lot) and plan the evening meal. Oops, I almost forgot…do a load of washing and hang it up. Ironing? It’s the time for ‘iron on the line,’ so I’ll pass on that.

Cancer and the Corona Virus were not on my list of choices. But how I react to them is. I could choose to curl up in a ball and feel sorry for myself. And yes, at times I do. But mostly, my choice is to survive both these threats. I have changed my motto to, ‘ I am surviving cancer and corona.’  If I’m proved wrong, St Peter at the Pearly Gates will get one hell of a mouthful.

Choosing to pay my employee for the duration of the lockdown is another clear decision. Buying vouchers from my hairdresser and beautician (yes, I do go occasionally,) are also on my agenda. I’m adding our local restaurant to this list too. What I don’t need in my life, I’ll be giving away. It’s a good time to clear out all cupboards and make up gift boxes…to distribute later. Paying it forward is one way I can make a small contribution. Don’t get me wrong. I am no angel. My family and friends will testify to that. But I figure we all have a choice to either by selfish or selfless. This is a time to choose both. I am going to be selfish about how I spend my day but after sunset, it’s family time. Archie has led the way on this.

I am also choosing not to be obsessive about the Corona Virus news. Morning and evening updates are enough. My immune system needs to be nurtured and as I’ve said before, too much stress is not good. Although I am physically isolated – as we all are, I am choosing to stay connected. We are in this together, on this vulnerable planet of ours. What I do or don’t do affects you all.

I don’t know where my little Tomcat is right now. It’s his time in the garden, ours and the neighbours on either side. There are moles to monitor, birds to observe and lizards to capture. Archie doesn’t notice that he ends up with only their tails and I am eternally grateful for that.

Look up at the heavens today and stay up to watch the night sky.

Keep connected. We are souls bound together on this beautiful blue planet.


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