We’re winning!

“We’re winning. Don’t drop the baton!” (Dr N) The right words at the right time.

I must admit, I’d spiralled down in the last few weeks. But I’m back up. At the eleventh hour my body came to the party and sorted itself out. Of course, I would have liked it to respond immediately. But I’ve learnt that if I trust and allow it, my body will balance itself in its own time. And yes, I’m really proud.

Panic and anxiety are not my friends. But I’m human. Sometimes these things spill over…at least for a while. But we choose what to think, we really do. The mind and the spirit are not one and the same.  So here’s the Eureka moment.  I do need to undertake a third round of chemo – this time in tablet form. Intellectually, I get that this is a precautionary measure. While I was at the bottom of the pit, my emotions took over and my tears drenched the pillow. But as of yesterday, I’m back on solid ground. Xeloda will be a part of my life for a few months. My trusted CBD oil is still on my bedside table. Radiation is down the line, but I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

I can still drive. (No, don’t say what you were going to say.) My life is waiting for me to step back into it. I need to speed up the beach walks and add yoga to the mix. A night out at Beefcakes, reminded me that life can be hilarious. I passed up the offer of eating snacks off a beekcake’s six pack. One of the young bride’s to be took my place.  In case you’re wondering, no, I’ve never had that experience…so a missed opportunity. Yes, I’ve been taking myself too seriously lately. There is so much to enjoy and no reason not to. Music and dancing in the rain, friends and fun. And laughter. Don’t forget the laughter.

I feel the love from my tribe. Truly. And that includes the furry members. Zena and Archie are at the door to welcome me home, especially after a hospital visit. They just know.  Archie’s therapy continues…when he’s not fighting with the big tom next door. I don’t think their differences will ever be resolved, so nightly rescues are still on the cards.

Somehow, angels’ wings lifted me out of the pit of my own making. This morning the phrase, Carpe diem is an earworm running through my mind. I offer it to you!





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