I was never a huge fan of drinking water. I knew I should love it but I just didn’t. Well all that’s changed. To my surprise my body now craves water! I suppose having chemo pumped into it brought on this sudden addiction. So I’m embracing it. Would still rather have the odd G and T but that would be insane. I’ll save that for the light at the end of this tunnel.

Apart from feeling very tired, my body is holding up pretty well. It’s early days, so I shouldn’t talk too soon but as I’m taking one day at a time, I’ll also savour the good ones. Apart from the shock of having the “Red Devil” pumped into it, my body is also being fed a bowl of berries every morning, (without the yoghurt.) I’d expected to lose my appetite completely while undergoing treatment. I haven’t. So by mid-morning I’m craving a snack and half an avo, sprinkled with black pepper and freshly squeezed lemon, tastes exactly right. Lunch is usually steamed greens and an egg, depending on the supper menu. My energy takes a dip mid- afternoon and I have rediscovered carrots! I had no idea how energizing a big juicy carrot could be. Dinners have settled into a cosy routine. A big bowl of fresh veggie soup with either a piece of fish or an egg stirred into it, is what’s on the table. Black pepper and a touch of Himalayan salt (pink of course) add the spice. Oh and herbal teas all day long. There are so many to choose from, so I have a different one every time. Slices of lemon are added to every cup too.

So what happened to five cups of coffee a day and a biscuit or two thrown in? And the fillet steak with a garlic butter sauce? They’re gone. Check my cupboards and the fridge if you don’t believe me. I am now pescatarian. Not quite the whole vegetarian way yet, but a huge step in the right direction. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And those jeans I was squeezing into…well I’m slipping into them these days.

I am blaming my fuzzy head on the chemo. And yes it does feel fuzzier than usual. I’m also indulging in catnaps during the day. No guilt trips! And speaking of cats, my little silent hunter is back, snuggling in every night and treating me to loud purrs and head bumps.

I’m thrilled!

2 Replies to “Water”

  1. Elspeth says:

    Thank you for writing this blog, it fills me with wonderful and gratitude at your inspiration and as always the whole embracing spirit. Love you my friend


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