Behind the Blue Door – a synopsis

Behind the Blue Door is based on the true story of a South African girl, growing up in a desperately poor family during the 1970’s. Meg is the youngest of seven children. When their father dies under dubious circumstances, their mother voices her suspicions to the one family member she should steer clear of. Her revelation unleashes fear, denial, and desperate measures to keep the truth from emerging.

An ambulance arrives unexpectedly to whisk their mother away, and Meg and her siblings are left confused and floundering. Their aunt steps in. She offers to foster the children and the community applaud her generosity. But how empathetic is she in reality? Is everything the way it seems behind the mysterious blue door? Poverty plays a major role in Meg’s young life, and it affects every aspect of her childhood. It is however, the least of her problems. Abuse, dark truths, and devastating lies weave their way through her long journey to adulthood. But the beautiful Meg has tenacity, her own extraordinary secret, and a gift.

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