It isn’t there

                                           I look for the place I used to know

but it isn’t there

’cause even places live in a bubble in my mind and

nothing stays the same as it is in my memory

where everything is perfect and life is as wonderful as it could ever be and

my chest hurts with longing for what once was and still is but

only in a special place treasured in my heart where

it can’t be touched or taken away

when others interpret

my truth which is

not the same

as theirs

as no ones really ever is 

and in my dreams

the moment comes to me


as if a film has been peeled away

and there it is

in all its clarity

and when I awake

                                                                it is still there

safely stored until the next time I close my eyes

and allow the movie of my life to play before me

until the dawn breaks the spell


a new day


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