En Pointe

I never dreamt

that it would be the last time

             I saw you the last time I’d hear your wicked laugh the

                      way your mouth formed a pout when you wanted to be earnest

                        how was I to know that I’d never ask you what you really meant and

                   that I’d spend the rest of my life wondering there were so many questions and

    I believed the right time would come and that you would answer them in your own

way anyway you were lost to me when the curtain swished closed

shutting me out and the grief took over but now you whisper in the wind

especially in the wind your eyes light up and twinkle in the stars

and your laughter catches me as the sun melts over the sea

and I know that everything that happened

was meant to no matter how hard it was and

I know to treasure every moment as its happening

because there is only now

and the universe is

en pointe.

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