Chapter One of Behind the Blue Door – free on Amazon!

If you’ve read the Sunday Times (South African) 27 Jan. 2019 Page 5…then now is the time to take Behind the Blue Door off your pile and read it.

Gail Gilbride

A sample of Behind the Blue Door by Meg and Angie Van der Merwe, is available on and, so before your decide to purchase the memoir, you can see whether or not you’d like to read it.

If #metoo#secrets, lies, abuse and intrigue interest you, then this story will too. We all live with secrets and lies. Sometimes, our lives are so propped up by untruths, that we’d collapse in a heap if these were revealed. Many of us have no desire to uncover things. If we did, who would we really be? Others of us are defined by fabrications, disguised as truths. How many of us tell little white lies without batting an eyelid? I know I do, even though I try really hard not to.

But it’s the unsaid things, the secrets which eventually gnaw away at us and destroy not only ourselves but also…

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