Behind the Blue Door…

an update on Behind the Blue Door…

Gail Gilbride

November is upon us and it’s time to prepare for the launch of Behind the Blue Door at Exclusive Books, Cavendish Square.

I am often called ‘the cryptic kid’ by my dearly beloved school friends. And yes I confess that I usually am that. But lately I’m absorbing the message that my being cryptic is mostly confusing. Perhaps it’s a throwback to painful shyness in my youth. These days a fit of the giggles is a sure sign that this little demon is still lurking. I’ve learnt to live with it, cover it up when I can and generally go about my business quite happily. For those of you who share this secret trait, take comfort. It’s not the worst fault to have. I can think of many others which do more harm. And the mask of confidence becomes more comfortable as we grow older. It even begins to  take…

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