Generosity of spirit…

I have always admired generosity of spirit and am drawn to people who have that magical quality. Our world needs open hearts and gentle people to balance the fast paced aggressive society we find ourselves in. Grey areas are being pushed into black and white. Judgement of others is done at lightning speed. In an instant we can attack and bring someone to their knees, without even meeting them in real life. There is a frightening mob mentality which makes us terrified about expressing an opinion that may be taken the wrong way. Shut up and shut down seems to be the most sensible option in many instances. Your individual voice is no longer required, is the subliminal message I pick up at times. It sounds as if I’ve given up on my fellow human beings doesnt it? Perhaps I am fighting windmills and should just accept the new way of the world. I am afterall, on the wrong side of 60 (much as I don’t feel that way.)

But wait. In the midst of all the noise, the human spirit still rises. People who simply have that generous gene, pop up in unexpected places. Time and again, when I am at the point of despairing, someone reaches out and pulls me to safety. I’ve had students carrying all my heavy equipment and shepherding me to a safe place, in the middle of a protest they’re part of.  I’ve had a campus cafe assistant shout, “Wait darling!” and push through an angry crowd to personally hand me my chicken sandwich. A rock ricocheting across the road and towards my head has been intercepted by a brave first year Communications student, who then escorted me to my car and explained why I should go home for the day. There are so many good people in the most untenable of situations.

But I digress…I was writing about generosity of spirit and how uplifing it is. Having a generous spirit encourages others to be the same way. One of my mottos is giving is the new receiving and I’ve found it to be 100% true.

This month I was on the receiving end of generosity. No big thing right? Afterall it’s part of my being. Surprise – it’s always a big deal. When people reach out to you and offer you something without expecting anything in return, it’s massive. I felt the rush of love which comes with opening your arms and accepting a gift from heaven…well in this case two angels dropped from heaven.

So I want the magical Tracy Fox and Penny Castle to know how much I appreciate who they are and their amazing generosity! Thank you for including me in the Muldersdrift Readers and Writers festival. ( 26th Jan.) It means the world to me. I just know that both of you will receive unexpected gifts this year too. Plenty of them.

It’s just the way the universe works 🙂

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