Special offer…

I hope 2019 has started with a bang!

My new year is beginning with a special offer. Under the African Sun is now available directly from me if you live in South Africa. I have some copies of the latest version – new cover complete with the award sticker – and am offering them to you at the old price of R250.00 (which includes postage.) Should you wish to purchase one you can simply contact me at gailgbohle@gmail.com and I’ll get it to delivered to your doorstep. Once your eft is in, the book will be on its way to you. This offer lasts only as long as my stocks do, so don’t delay:)

Under the African Sun is also still available from selected book shops and Amazon – paperback or kindle versions. The sequel is under construction and first draft is pretty much done and dusted. At the moment, it is called Night Sky but that could change along the way…

So as I begin the real work, I’m keeping in mind that my passion for writing is what it’s all about. My daily note to self is to write straight from the heart and for my own enjoyment. No other considerations are allowed in…at this stage. For me this is of vital importance. Once I start thinking of potential agents and publishers, self doubt starts tapping at my consciousness. Creativity gives way to criticism. Impostor syndrome floods my fragile self image and I hand over my magic wand to whoever asks for it. And so I have to sit myself down and give myself the talk. It’s crucial not to open that particular door yet. The time will come soon enough.

If you are on a similar journey I wish you all the luck in the world. Stay in the moment. Be your best creative self. Stop waiting for approval. Write for the love of it and give yourself permission to be the writer that you truly are!

2 responses to “Special offer…”

  1. SO exciting to hear about the sequel, Gail! First draft done is fantastic. And I LOVE your advice about keeping the door closed to any outside thoughts or flights of fancy, and just writing for ourselves! Lots of love xxx


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