Chapter One of Behind the Blue Door – free on Amazon!

A sample of Behind the Blue Door by Meg and Angie Van der Merwe, is available on and, so before your decide to purchase the memoir, you can see whether or not you’d like to read it.

If #metoo#secrets, lies, abuse and intrigue interest you, then this story will too. We all live with secrets and lies. Sometimes, our lives are so propped up by untruths, that we’d collapse in a heap if these were revealed. Many of us have no desire to uncover things. If we did, who would we really be? Others of us are defined by fabrications, disguised as truths. How many of us tell little white lies without batting an eyelid? I know I do, even though I try really hard not to.

But it’s the unsaid things, the secrets which eventually gnaw away at us and destroy not only ourselves but also our most important relationships. So we have a choice. We can either keep our blinders on and exist comfortably enough, pushing away anything that crops up to threaten this. We can ignore all those pesky niggles and even the disturbing dreams we have, sometimes repetitive ones. We can even refuse to look inside ourselves at all. Life is simpler that way, isn’t it? All the illnesses we pick up along the way are not at all connected to our unfinished business. That’s all poppycock! We are grounded human beings, who have no interest in things that cannot be seen or explained rationally, right? Our past is in the past and it is of no use to anyone, if we open that Pandora’s box.

So what is our other choice? Before I go on, let me warn you that this path is only for the brave. If you feel you’re up to it, then it’s this… Explore what it is that really makes you tick. Who are you when all the masks are removed? Can you stand up to the light that streams in then? What if everything that happened in your past actually does affect who you’ve become? And how do you deal with it? This is not the simplest route to choose. It is also not the most comfortable. At times, it may even make you feel physically sick. Some people in your life may be very unhappy if you begin asking too many questions and revealing too many truths. They may even distance themselves from you completely. Halfway through, you might think it is just not worth pursuing. It would be more sensible to creep back into your cave and cause no trouble. Ready to give up before you’ve even started? I don’t blame you!

But what if you persevere? Imagine if you discover that you are so much more than you thought you were? Perhaps this indepth look at your life opens new doors for you – ones that you hadn’t even considered knocking on? Just think about it.

So why am I suggesting that you read Behind the Blue Door? Not because it will tap into your own painful memories. Not to encourage you to dwell on things past, that cannot be changed. Not even to remind you that your life was so much easier and that you should be grateful. I am suggesting it becasue Meg’s past did not define who she has become today. Your past does not need to take your future from you. In fact, if you are prepared to explore it and learn from it, it can propel you into a world  you could never have imagined in your wildest dreams!



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