Killing Karoline

It has been weeks since I finished reading Sara-Jayne King’s memoir, but it is still swimming around in my brain. The longer it stays there, the more my tears turn from ones of sadness to those of anger. I am quite simply enraged by what happened and the only thing that is stopping me from punching a certain woman in the face (if I ever find her) is Sara-Jayne’s own amazing courage and journey to success, which she so richly deserves.

Despite all that transpired, Sara-Jayne’s story is inspiring and offers readers the courage to tackle their own tragedies head-on. It’s a story for winners, not losers. It’s a story that comes full circle and celebrates truth, bravery and determination.

I’ll be on the look out for the sequel, because that has become a necessity. The  readers need to know what happened next and of course what could happen in the future!

Congratulations and keep writing, Sara-Jayne King 🙂

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