Christmas quiz 2017!


NB – 30 second rule (includes google) for each team! 

  • Name Father Christmas’s reindeer.  
  • Are the reindeer male or female?
  • What does Father Christmas call the one   who doesn’t want to work?
  • Who created Rudolphthe Red Nose ?
  • Where does Father Christmas live?
  • Who helps in Santa’s workshop?
  • Name South Africa’s Christmas roses…
  • Finish the line: On the first day of Christmas, my true love…
  • Traditionally, the Christmas season lasts … days.
  • Who is the Grinch?
  • Where in the world are books given and received as Christmas presents, on Christmas eve?
  • Describe a Tickey pudding!
  • How does Father Christmas enter houses?
  • What do you need to leave for him, as a snack?
  • Which famous Charles Dickens novel is all about Christmas?
  • Who wrote the song, Jingle Bells?
  • Name one modern movie, set on Christmas Eve.
  • Why is Boxing Day called boxing day?
  • Where was the baby Jesus born?
  • Who else was in the stable?
  • Name the three wise men.
  • What gifts did they bring for the baby Jesus?
  • Which Christmas Carol is traditionally sung on Christmas eve?
  • Finish the line: Away in a manger, no…
  • What is the opening line of ‘The Christmas Song’ by Nat King Cole?
  • Jesus was born in…? (Name the town)
  • In which town, was Jesus raised as a child?
  • What is the time difference between Lapland, Finland and London, UK in December?
  • Can you name two of the three song titles of the 1990’s UK Christmas Number Ones by the Spice Girls?
  • Who is the Patron Saint of Children?
  • According to the Christmas carol, which king last looked out on the feast of Stephen?
  • Who plays Juliet in the Love Actually movie?
  • Which famous Christmas poem was written by Clement Clark Moore?
  • What is the name of the fictional town in How the Grinch Stole Christmas?
  • By what title was the song Jingle Bells originally released?
  • Balsam, Douglas, Fraser and Noble are all types of what?
  • Who released ‘Step into Christmas’ in 1973?
  • The Christmas Carol ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ brings tidings of what?
  • What is a baby reindeer called?
  • In the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie, what creature did the Griswold family discover living in their Christmas Tree?
  • What song was Christmas Number One in the UK in 2016?
  • What is Father Christmas called in Holland, France. America, Norway and Italy?
  • When does Advent start?
  • In ancient lore, what was the Christmas tree called?
  • In South Africa, 26 December is known as the Day of Goodwill. What was it called before?
  • What is Twelfth Night?
  • Who is St. Thomas?
  • What role did Archangel Gabriel play in the Christmas story?
  • Why do we put a star at the top of a Christmas tree?
  • What traditional items are found in Christmas stockings?
  • Why do we pull Christmas crackers?
  • How did the shepherds know where to find the baby Jesus?
  • Why do we eat turkey at Christmas time?
  • Which vegetables are traditional side dishes at Christmas dinner?
  • How do you make white sauce? (Your recipe please…)
  • What fruit is used for a traditional Christmas pudding?
  • What is the most popular fat to use for roast potatoes?
  • Name the alcohol most used in Christmas cooking!


Please feel free to add to my quiz and pass it along. 

14446155_10154737677511535_3279493549380422968_n (1).jpgMerry Christmas!




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