HORN review…

HORN by Peter Kuhnert

Gail Gilbride reviews…


HORN is Peter Kuhnert’s enthralling debut novel, based on the very real scourge of rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park.

Vietnam syndicates entice impoverished locals to risk their lives for a few dollars and Eduardo Ruiz is assigned to the Kruger’s anti-poaching unit.   The lure of the rhino, entices a variety of stake holders in the game, including a London journalist, a Hong Kong socialite, a syndicate boss, and an Interpol agent. Everyone is chasing the horn. The question is why?

It’s difficult to pigeon hole this page turner, as it draws on mystery, intrigue, dangerous liaisons, spicy romance, illegal trading and even murder, to keep the reader glued to his or her seat. Kuhnert holds the tension skilfully and takes us from The Kruger National Park to Hong Kong, on a magic carpet ride. His characters are authentic and many of them linger, long after the last page has been read. Kuhnert has captured the sights, smells and feel of each setting and in particular, the African bushveld.

Should this novel be on your festive list?  I think so. It will definitely be on mine!


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