Go with the flow…

Everyone knows the saying, ‘Go with the flow.’

It was one of the left overs from Flower Power and Woodstock. Yes, it’s a cliche and so no one takes it seriously anymore. But have you ever tried it? I mean really tried it?

You want something to happen – badly! It isn’t. So you push against the closed door. After some time, you start getting a little frustrated, as this damned door just won’t happen, no matter what you do. It seems so unfair. It’s opened for many people you know. Why is it not opening for you? The harder you try, the more it seems to jam shut. Frustration, gives way to anger. Resentment sets in. Finally you are bitter around the edges. Things happen to other people, but not for you. You’re now in a downward spiral and inevitably, you’re about to enter the ‘why me’ phase. Life isn’t fair, other people have all the luck. You are  destined for failure. In fact, let’s face it, you are a failure! Victim mode has well and truly settled in.

But what if you stopped pushing against that jammed door? What if you walked away and let go of your obsession. Perhaps you meander around the block, breathe deeply and consider the option that it was not meant to be.  You try to let it go and think of other options. Your mind feels free-er now. Stress begins to fall away. You notice the Spring buds, as you walk. The grass is green and lush and you take off your sandals to walk on it. Birdsong prompts you to look up into the trees. And then you notice it. It was open all the time, but you were too busy focusing on the closed door. The window is wide and is inviting you in. It may not be the main entrance, but it will bring you to the same place. You hoist yourself up and wriggle through it. There you are!

You are exactly where you imagined you’d be. And guess what? Very few people noticed your entrance. Those that did actually admire you for your initiative.

Pat yourself on the back. You’ve just learnt how to ‘go with the flow’ and life is much more fun 🙂



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