Gail’s Review of – Delilah Now Trending – by Pamela Power

9781485903659 - Delilah Now Trending


Delilah’s life goes off the rails, when her daughter – the star pupil Daisy – isn’t made head girl of her private junior school. Rosie Roberts, Daisy’s nemesis and the class bully, is chosen instead. But when Rosie is pushed off the second-storey balcony at school, Daisy becomes a suspect… Can Delilah be sure of her daughter’s innocence and how will she clear her name?

This delightful novel with a serious underbelly, is set in modern day Johannesburg. Pamela Power conveys the rich tapestry of her surroundings exquisitely. Her strong voice rings crystal clear and so, so true. I laughed and cried, through the drama and found so much of the story resonated with something deep inside of me. Power’s writing is masterful and she never fails to end a chapter on a cliff hanger. Her whacky sense of humour and sparky dialogue, take the edge off the sadder scenes, but not enough to do away with the box of tissues.

Bullying has always been my pet hate and Power captures the essence of it perfectly. Delilah’s incredible bravery is gently juxtaposed with her daughter’s level headed kindness and the wonderful relationship they have is inspiring. It did not surprise me in the least, that the dashing widower, Sam, was smitten with gorgeous, witty, complicated Delilah.  I myself, fell in love with Henry, hated the closeted ex-husband and felt rather sorry for his LBW (Little Blonde Wife.) In fact, every character deserved to be in the story, including the ripped P I, Jonty – who had just a smidgen of ‘dodgy’ about him.

The diary extracts were a masterpiece and kept me glued to my sofa. Power is an expert at keeping the tension taut. Truth be told, I can’t fault this punchy, kick-ass  novel which is incredibly fast paced and at the same time, delivers a powerful, unforgettable message. Certainly, every book club should have a copy and if like me, you buy Christmas presents early, then this fabulous read should feature in your stockings. One note of criticism? We need to know when the next novel is coming…

Love, Love, Loved it!



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