A Skinnymalinks week ahead.

This week, I have planned ahead and you are invited to join me, if you like.

First and foremost, I’ll switch off that pesky button in my brain, which tends to go into automatic mode when it sees lots of yummy food.  Don’t get me wrong. I love food – but the words “lots of” get tricky.  Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

My skinnymalinks programme is going to go like this –

Breakfast: A choice of any 3 fruits for a smallish bowl of fresh fruit salad. 

My suggestions are: Pawpaw, naartjies and granadillas

Pineapple, pear and guavas

Apple, grapes and banana

Orange, blueberries and grapefruit

cherries, granny smith apples and kiwi fruit

Strawberries and any other berries in season.

Tea, coffee a little milk.

A big glass of lemon water.

Nothing  else until lunch! 

Lunch:  One slice of carb clever bread (woollies) or one slice of pure rye, or one small baked potato, or one big spoonful of rice.

One of the following – a boiled egg, a portion of grilled chicken,  cold rare beef, tinned tuna,  smoked trout, grilled fish of any kind, cottage cheese, and any spices you feel like.

A small bowl of salad, which can include lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, peppers, a little feta cheese, 5 or 6 olives and a slice of avocado.  (Use dressing very sparingly, if at all.)

A big glass of water (add lemon and mint if you like.)

Coffee, tea, a little milk.

Remember, a portion of protein is fist size. 

Mid-afternoon snack (if you need it) : 6 almonds, or half an apple cut into slices, or a small handful of biltong.

Supper:  Two portions of protein – fish, chicken, red meat or a veg. option , cooked anyway you like.  (You can add half a portion to lunch, if you’d prefer.)

Three different coloured vegetables – steamed lightly.  Cauliflower, broccoli and carrots are my favourite combo.  Hubbard squash, green beans, spinach and cabbage, are also great choices. Asparagus is coming into season soon, so…  Make sure you choose a variety for the week, so that nothing gets boring.

One whisky and soda (my indulgence) – Remember to raise your glass to all the skinnymalinks’ friends! (You can swop this for wine or an extra portion of carbs at lunch.)

Lots of water and lemon, all day and especially when you feel hungry.

If you are hungry, eat cut up veggie slices rather than junk food!

My daily exercise is to be a long walk and x4 Salutes to the Sun every morning. (Google it if you’re confused here.)

I’ll be reading Pamela Power’s Delilah now Trending and will review it as soon as I’ve finished. (Loving it so far…)

Oh and Friday is weigh day.  No other day is allowed.

Join me on this week’s journey. I have a long way to go and could use the company 🙂




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