Skinnymalinks Take Two

Okay, so it’s been three days since my last confession 🙂

So, this evening I’ll spill the beans. Friday’s menu was meant to be… fruit salad for breakfast, followed by mini frittatas for lunch. For supper I’d planned veggie soup and a whisky and soda. Snack on hand would be biltong and an orange. Water of course and loads of tea and coffee.

This is how Friday turned out. The fruit salad worked well. The frittatas were prepared and ready to go to CPUT, with a flask of coffee.  All on track! I packed my boot, carefully consulting my checklist and picked up the final p ‘n p mini trolley. The bottom fell out of it as it lifted. My notes, flash-drives and balls of string (don’t ask) rolled under the car. I crawled around collecting everything. By the time I had chucked it all into the boot, my upmarket mood had dissipated and I drove off in a huff. Halfway to town, I realised that my lunch and coffee were in the garage. Blast!

What’s a girl to do? I ate the oversized muffin offered with tea and tucked into the chicken curry and rice. Luckily, I managed to rectify my mood for the students – and we had a great workshop. On the way home, I allowed the guilt to creep over me and vowed to be organised about packing the night before. There was still supper to come and I stuck to my plan.

Ah well.  All in all, it could have been worse.

Saturday’s plan went perfectly –  fruit salad, carb clever toast and cottage cheese, biltong and then roast chicken and veggies for supper.  The whisky and soda turned into two, but I was okay with that. Went to bed feeling sanctimonious.

Sunday? A buffet in the winelands? You can’t really expect me to remember what I ate now can you? A choice of about 25 starters, followed by a carvery and finally a groaning dessert table.  I’m not going to own up! There are four more days to behave properly, before Thursday weigh in.

Now Monday’s menu should be easy…

I’ll keep you posted fellow Skinnymalinkies 🙂


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