The Skinnymalinks diaries

Okay, so it’s Day One of my Skinnymalinks mission and I’ve decided to share every step of the way with you!

I have tried every single diet on the planet and even lectured for Weigh-Less, yonks ago when I was skinny. What I learnt is that all of them have something to offer, but none offer the perfect recipe.

This blog will be a painfully honest account of my journey, starting with this evening’s meal. I will offer my daily eating plan, the pitfalls of it and even my disaster days. If you’d like to join me on the journey, you are most welcome.  My new mindset is “Think skinny be skinny,” and it’s going to work.

First things first. I am starting today, not tomorrow. Lunch consisted of a Kit-Kat and a packet of chips, which was my little rebellion, before I get going. Tonight’s supper is a skinnymalinks one. It is a delicious butternut and orange soup – made with fresh ingredients and served in a beautiful bowl, at the fire. I have added a dash of nutmeg, which makes it taste gourmet. If it sounds too much of a schlepp, I recommend Woollies freshly made one, which you simply heat up. I have also poured myself a whisky and soda, as my treat for the day.

Tomorrow is Thursday and I’ll weigh myself (in the nic) before breakfast. I’ll record that in my diary and then banish the scale until next Thursday. My breakfast will be a small bowl of fresh fruit salad – pawpaw, orange and pear and a glass of water and lemon.  I’ll also have a cup of Earl Grey tea, with 2% milk and if I have time, I’ll down a cup of coffee just before I leave.

I’ll be lecturing all day. The students will be served muffins for tea and then chicken and chips for lunch. I’m usually starving when the food arrives, so I’m preparing myself a small muffin sized spinach frittata for tea and then a chicken salad and one slice of carb clever toast (Woollies) for lunch. I’ll take these with me, otherwise there is no way I’ll resist the food which gets delivered! My meals need to be really tasty, so that I can easily avoid the temptation. Supper tomorrow night will be a bowl of thick vegetable soup, with a fistful of grilled bacon bits on top. If you want to avoid making it yourself, there is always Woollies! I’ll also put aside a handful of almonds and an apple, just in case I’m really peckish by about 3.30. That’s the time I usually crave something sweet (like a chocolate) so I need to prepare for all possibilities. If I’m not hungry, I put them back in the cupboard for another time.

I’ll also carry a litre bottle of water with me and sip on it every now and again. Sometimes I fill it up during the day.

For me, it’s important to enjoy every bite of food.  I like to think of what I can enjoy, rather than what I cannot!  I believe that food is my friend. I also try to listen to my body and if I can feel a headache lurking, I do not pour myself another cup of coffee. (I rarely get headaches these days anyway.)

I try to stick to three meals a day, but sometimes that mid-afternoon snack is needed.  When I am lecturing all day, then the mid-morning snack is often a God-send too!

Join me on my journey if you like and let me know what you think of it.

Until tomorrow then 🙂



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