Attract what you want!

Okay, so you woke up in a bad mood this morning.  Your alarm didn’t go off.  The water pressure is not there for a great shower.  Your favourite jeans are in the wash.  The puppy chewed your slippers.  There’s a mediocre review of your latest novel in the morning paper.  You forgot to buy coffee!

What is your response? Well, what a stupid question. You obviously go into a funk. Who wouldn’t? The day is stuffed, from the get-go. You’re not one of those stupid ‘always happy’ types anyway.  They’re super annoying. So it’s going to be a lousy day. Shit happens…

“Self-help” books are a huge yawn. Who reads them for heaven’s sake? Okay, maybe your mother does, but jeez nobody under 30 would touch one with a barge pole. No one can control life. If you’re in the wrong place at the right time, you’ll get run over by a bus. Life is as random as that, so why bother?

Well, here’s the challenge. Rewind to this morning. Your alarm didn’t go off, so you awoke to the sounds of Egyptian geese heralding their arrival on your roof. You quickly lather yourself before you jump under the shower – saves water that way. Your jeans are still wet, so maybe it’s the day to wear that new green skirt and show the world your gorgeous legs again. Pity about the old slippers. Oh well, Jet has a special on memory foam ones, which you’ve never tried. You take a quick peek at the stunning review of your book, in Artslink. You need to fill up with petrol and the corner BP has a mini- Pick and Pay. Coffee on the go!

Three guesses on which approach will bring you a better day? (The third guess is for the super cynical.) So what am I trying to say? Well here’s the thing… decide what you don’t want, focus on what you do want, keep those positive thoughts milling around in your brain while you’re under the shower and see what kind of day you do attract!

Here’s to good vibes today 🙂


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