The iconic Lesley Pearse in person!

I was honoured and delighted to interview the iconic Lesley Pearse, at Exclusive Books Cavendish Square, on Wednesday 17 May 2017.

Within a matter of months, my role at a launch had swopped around and I would be fibbing if I said it wasn’t daunting. My questions were prepared, tweaked and then re-arranged at the last moment.  I’d googled u-tube interviews with Lesley and already experienced her naughty sense of humour, online at least. I worried about whether I had enough questions. Perhaps there were too many?  How would I introduce the UK’s best selling novelist? Could I do her justice?

Well, I needn’t have stressed.  Linda Mc Cullough at Exclusives and the enthusiastic audience of fans, had created a wonderful vibe, before I even began.  I launched in and crossed my toes.  The ever glamorous Lesley, responded to the first question with grace and humour. Her story-telling ability kicked in from the get-go and within a few seconds, she had the audience eating out of her hand. Each of my questions was answered fully and with more depth than I could possibly have hoped for. I was interviewing not only an icon, but a total professional as well. Laughter ricocheted around the room and each new answer brought about more hilarity.

I could feel the audience bursting to be allowed to ask their questions. And when they did, there was no stopping them. Lesley responded to each one, with the warmth and ease, that is her signature style. When it came to book signing time, Lesley connected with each and every fan who approached the table. Like everyone else, I was reluctant to let her go at the end of the evening and wished I could prolong the experience.

How many world renowned novelists, with 10 million+ copies of their 24 novels, circulating around the globe, are genuinely fabulous people, who care deeply about their fellow human beings? Well, I’ve meet one now and my world has been enriched by the experience.

I’m raising my glass of bubbly to the soon to be released, The Woman in the Wood,  and to you Lesley Pearse, in the hope that our paths will cross again!



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  1. […] extraordinary one. If you are a fan of her books then rush over to her website and read her story. Local author, Gail Gilbride Bohle interviewed her for us, and I have a selection of her questions and answers for you. Each question […]

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