A review of Americanah

thAdichie’s Americanah is a story of race, identity and enduring love.

Ifemelu and Obinze are a young couple, when they leave Nigeria for the West. Beautiful, confident, Ifemelu goes to America, where she is confronted with what it really means to be black. Obinze, unable to join Ifemelu in the USA, spends time in London, before returning to his homeland. Fifteen years later and with much water under the bridge, the couple reunite in a newly democratic Nigeria, and their passion for each other is rekindled.

In Americanah, Adichie enfolds us in her rich, complicated love stories.  Her detailed, off-beat blogs, paint a poignant picture of a lonely and at times confused immigrant and at the same time, one of a successful, feisty young woman, who is not afraid to shock her readers!

Adichie reflects on and shares her experiences of racism. Ifemelu’s  decisions often take the reader by surprise and her interactions with both Nigerians from other tribes and with Americans, black and white, are fascinating. Americanah gives us a deep insight into a world many of us have yet to experience.

This is a novel well worth reading, for its take on a wide range of issues which jostle for our attention.

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