Being the interviewer…

For the first few months of 2017, I was interviewed a lot. That may sound like a fairly bland statement to make. If you’re someone famous, it’s probably a weekly event. But if you’re a regular Jo soap, then it’s a big deal.

I’m used to lecturing first year students and teaching matriculants. After 30 years in the game, I’m pretty much over my shyness…in the classroom.  Being interviewed is a whole different ball game, one I didn’t think about when I wrote Under the African Sun. I’ve been really lucky. I have had wonderful people, asking me questions I could answer easily, (well mostly anyway.) The photographers have even honoured my request to focus on my face, rather than my Banting in progress figure.  So yes. I have to admit it’s been fun.

This month, it will be my turn to interview someone. And yes, she is famous! I have been thinking long and hard about what I’d like to ask Lesley Pearse, the UK’s number one story teller. I’ve googled her and read a number of her novels, including Dead to Me. Not only has she written more novels than I could ever dream of writing, but she has also sold over 10 million copies of them. Her own life’s journey has been as exciting as any of the riveting stories.  So my list of questions is growing and soon I’ll have to prune them down to the 10 best.

If you have any you’d like me to ask, just let me know. Better still, come and join the conversation on 17 May, at Exclusives, Cavendish Square (6 for 6.30) and ask them yourself.  I’ll be the woman in black, sipping a glass of bubbly and getting ready to start the conversation.

See y’all there!


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