Library week in the peninsula

It’s library week and Hout Bay joined in the fun by organizing a full program of events for everyone to enjoy. What a delight to be reminded that the library is and should be the heart of any community.

My small part in all this was to present a short talk and then answer questions about Under The African Sun.  Amongst others, the friends of Hout Bay library supported the event and took part in an impromptu writing exercise. A surprise visit from our councillor here in the valley, added to the excitement and  some photos will pop up within the next few days.

For me, the invitation to participate was an honour and a privilege. The library has provided us with books for almost thirty years now. It has seen me through countless History lessons, provided resources for everything I taught and offered me a quiet, calm retreat after shopping and school lifts.

My family usually has at least nine library books dotted around the house and we have had to pay the odd fine, over the years.  Kirsten ploughed her way through all the children’s books and then went on to read every single YA novel available. The children’s librarian requested a meeting with me, to express her concerns.  She said the library had no more age appropriate books to offer my little bookworm. She was ready to dip into the adult section – under the watchful eye of Elna!

For so many of us in the valley, the libraries have been and still are, the heart and soul. Thank you very much for staying at our centre and looking after all our reading needs. May you grow from strength to strength in the years to come…



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