Before I lash out…

I’m really pissed off!

I can’t wait to pick up the phone and blast the witch. Giving her a piece of my mind will be so satisfying. Just wait until she picks up her bloody phone, (if she does, which would be a miracle anyway.)

I scroll down my contacts and press the green icon. As I gather my anger to let loose, a little voice in my head says, “Wait.”

I jab at the red dot and slam my phone down. In this age of instant gratification, I don’t need these philosophical questions. But they persist…

Is this true?  (Or is it my version? )

My friend told me exactly what happened. I believe her, of course. But is it the whole truth? Perhaps there is another side to the story. I could make sure first, ask someone else who was there at the time, verify the facts…  I pick up the phone, when another thought creeps in…

Is this kind?  

I am about to destroy this person. She’ll never, ever open her mouth again. Do I actually want to do this? Let words into the ether that I can never take back? Am I being kind…or unkind? I fiddle with my Apple-5 and hover my finger over the dial icon.

Is this necessary? 

What I am about to say is true, (in my mind.) But is it absolutely necessary? What would happen if I chose not to say it and seriously, Will it change anything? 

Am I about to diminish her, just to  make myself feel great? 

Is what I am about to say going to make me feel awesome? Is it also going to diminish her?  What does this say about me? I put the phone down and head for the kettle. Perhaps it’s time to close down that other little voice in my head, once and for all.

Or is it? 

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