Lotus FM and Midday Spice

On 24 February 2017, I had the honour of being interviewed by the charming Varshan Sookhun.

Not only does Mr Sookhun have a voice for radio, but also most certainly a face for television. Lotus FM is extremely polished and professional. Well before the interview, I was asked to send a review copy of Under the African Sun and the questions asked were based on a thorough reading of the story. Before I went on air, I was briefed on what to expect and exactly how much time I had.

The countdown was a little nerve-racking, but Privana Maharaj’s calm approach set me at ease, before Varshan Sookhun’s stunning voice invited me to join the conversation. The Lotus website is beautifully laid out and it has sparked a revived interest in radio broadcasts. I have become a huge fan and Midday Spice forms part of my day, whenever possible. Lotus radio is a pocket of excellence I’ll certainly keep in my radar. Have a listen…

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