“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – my favourite Einstein quote…

And it’s true! Imagine yourself achieving something you’ve always wanted. Close your eyes and picture yourself touching the finishing line. Go to sleep with your vision in your mind as you drift off. Wake up and jot down what you dreamt, even if it doesn’t seem to make any sense. Stay in this dreamy state for as long as you can, before the day takes over and you are on a treadmill. It is more important than you could possibly imagine.

I see you shaking your head. How? You have no idea how busy I am. I can’t just sit around and dream. This is all just pie in the sky! I know, I know. But do yourself a favour – try it! Schedule 30 minutes of no holds barred dream time. Wake up a little earlier, if you have to. It might mean you’re up and dreaming, while the rest of the house is still asleep. All the better. Stay in your pyjamas. Quietly make yourself a cuppa. Resist the temptation to switch anything on (except the kettle.) Climb back into bed and give yourself the gift of silence, for 30 minutes. You’ll be blown away by how it can change your life…if you let it.

Remember the dreams you used to have; of being a princess, driving a train, being the boss, teaching a motley row of dolls, drawing the perfect unicorn, writing a book? Where did they all go? When did you stop imagining? Well, bring them back. Re-discover them and let them grow. Do not wait for anyone’s approval, because you might just wait forever. Give yourself permission to make your most treasured dream real.

Imagine your life, exactly the way you want it to be and then slowly but surely, go about creating it!

Oh and when it all comes true, keep me in the loop 🙂

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