Okay, so I’m nervous…

Its a matter of days now.  The copies of Under the African Sun are beautifully displayed at Exclusives, my book club has offered to make yummy snacks, a dear friend is baking a cake and drinks are organised. I am to be interviewed by Jo-Anne Richards and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather have by my side.

At your own book launch, you want to be the centre of attention. You’d like a praise singer to pump up your image.  It would be wonderful if all the books flew off the display and the staff clamoured to put peoples’ names on a waiting list for the next shipment.  You think of becoming an overnight success and a multi-millionaire in one feel swoop. It’s imperative that you are admired and adored, starting from this event onwards, right?

Actually, wrong!

I’ve mulled over this a bit, (I am a muller) and when a friend popped up in a pic, next to the book display in Cavendish, I mulled some more. What gradually came into focus were these thoughts…I’d love to have all my family and friends around me. I want them to know how special they are in my life. I’d like them to enjoy the wine and yummy snacks. I’d like them to have a really good time at my launch/party. Inherently I’m still a shy person, although I have learnt to hide that, over the years. Under the African Sun was written because I really wanted to tell the story that had been brewing for 40 years. I was going to write it anyway and having it published was the cherry-on-top 🙂  I aim to answer the questions put to me, as honestly as I possibly can. Speaking straight from the heart is what I’ve always done.

So, my family and friends, I’ll be more than thrilled to have you by my side. A celebration would not be the same without you. I care more about your presence at the launch, than you can possibly imagine. If you cannot make it, I totally understand that too.

And finally…If I seem overwhelmed or a bit ditzy, pour me some more bubbly.

See you on Wednesday!165atvpztxgmxu1azudy_img_8468

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